Outlook Express 6 & Outlook 2002 Slow Opening - on multiple user accounts



I have Windows XP with 2 user accounts, mine, which is the main account,(admin), and another user account that I have set up and tested both ways, with admin and with limited. Outlook 2002 & Outlook Express 6 are installed and open up fine in my account, but in the other account, it takes a very long time (60-90 seconds) to open past the splash. Once opened, it seems to run fine. I have not gotten any error messages, virus scanning NOT checking inbound or startup, and I not looking for new newsgroups. We have a DSL connection. All settings are the same for both accounts. Each user has it it's own E-mail account. Problem seems to have appeared when we converted to Windows XP NTFS. Prior to this I did not experience any problems under Windows 98SE or ME. Everything has been installed in the default folders locations.
Can anyone please help me with this problem? Any ideas / suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.....
seen this before?

I think from what I have seen before, it has something to do with MSN messenger. Check in the settings in Outlook under General tab and uncheck "Automatically log in to Messenger".

I know you said all the settings were the same, but check just in case.
I finally have mine working properly. Messenger is the problem.
To resolve the issue for Outlook all you need to do is to disble Messenger in Outlook under the Options tab.
For Outlook Express uyou have two choices depending on how you set the second account up.
You can live with the slow response or you can install Messenger, no account, and run it as a service.
If you do do not have access to Messenger as was my case for the second account, you will have to delete the user account and re-establish ensuring that you set up Messenger.
Once completed....everything works.
same for outlook express

It should be the same for Outlook and Outlook Express.

The option to run Messenger at Outlook startup should be available in either, and you can set this preference differently for each user, since each user account in XP can include different settings for IE and OE.

You should never have to settle for a slow response...
I agree with you whole heartedly......however that is not how it works when setting up a second user account using Outlook Express.
This works fine when there is only one account. if you do not start Messenger for the second account, the Outlook Express splash screen will appear to hang for 90 seconds. It will create a Dcom error in the event viewer and then proceed to open as it should.
By doing so, the error is corrected andOutlook Express opens as it should.
I believe this is a bug in the software that although it can not be found on the Microsft site, is very real. I have seen a number of Posts across a number of Forums spelling out what I have encountered.
i think i misunderstood you. i thought you were talking about a user account in Windows rather than Outlook Express. Do you mean you are setting up two identities in OE? i have not tried to reproduce the error you described, but i can see where OE would act flaky with that setup. Of course two separate Windows users should be able to use two completely different configs in OE and IE, but again, you never know.

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