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Outllook no longer sending mail



Everything is configured correctly however after getting 50 megs of updates windows xp no longer lets me send email out whether it be through outlook express, or outlook from office xp, or netscape etc etc.. I am using windows XP professional and Office XP everything worked fine before the updates but now it recieves mail correctly but when I go to send it says

'Task 'pop-server - sending and recieving' Reported error (0x800CC0F); 'The connection to the server was interuppted. If this problem continues contact your server administrator or ISP.'

Office XP won't let me remove it or reinstall it everytime I try the install program says not responding after 30 seconds. Norton and Mcafee say no virus and have latest updates and this is a fresh install on a fresh hardrive with only minimal programs installed. This all happened after I took the updates from Microsoft.

Other computer on cable internet hub sends and recieves perfectly through WinME.


Are yuo running firewall software? chech if it is blocking access to prot 110 on your machine.

The TASK POP SERVER - may be a problem with norton - what version of Norton are you using? Version 2000/2001 require you to manually set up the mail pop settings.

Why are you using McAfee - it's crap and always out of date!


I am using Norton Systemworks 2002 with all updates and Norton Internet Security. Even when Norton is disabled still can't send. Used Mcafee just for redundancy to check this problem. I am on Cable modem and the settings are simple incoming and outgoing mail go through "pop-server"

Thanx for the suggestion I have checked everything you said and it is all up to speed.


I'm outta ideas - I also have a cable modem and I use Zone alarm Pro for firewall - I had a similar issue before with Zone Alarm.
I have also had issues with the ISP - so I did a renew of my DHCP (to make sure it was up to date) and that seemed to do the trick.
Hope someone has some better ideas :)


I installed Outlook 2002 on my machine - I set up 4 e-mail accounts, 2 of them are not on the ISP that I have my cable modem with. if I do a send/ receive it works fine - but if I do another send/ receive too quickly - I get the same error as you mentioned above on the account that is not on my cable's ISP!
If I wait a minute and try again it works fine again. I suggest that you change the auto send/ receive option so that there is a nice gap between each machine doing a check. Or limit the machiens that are checking for mail on the internet.


I have found that NAV causes this problem on outgoing email.. disable the 'scan outgoing mail' option and see if that helps..

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