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Other Methods With Ramdisk!??



Hi, Everyone.
I'm wondering about more methods to use my ramdisk prog to the best it can boost my PC performance.

I'm doing the

1) Windows Pagin Size in S:Ram Drive

2) Explorers Temp files in S:Ram Drive

3) FlashGet download folder in S:Ram Drive

another other suggestions or methods?? thanxs for reading this thread.!

Also since I'm asking already......

2 problem. I use alot of the registry setting changes here and other websites.......and I backup those in a notepad file, which makes it long to read and input it back in if one day i have to redo my OS. Is there a program that you guys recommend me to use ..A REGISTRY program that I can make reg keys files, that when I click it, it just inputs the setting in my Registry .....better then typing all the down in a NOTE PAD?? just saving the key better?


Dirk Diggler

Hi Herc,
I tried the Paging File on my RAM drive and it slowed my system down. When you say "Explorer's Temp files" do you mean the TEMP folder? It is not good to have the TEMP folder on your RAM drive, some programmes put installation files in there and then re-boot your system. The files upon re-boot will not be there and the installation aborts. I always have my "Temporary Internet Files" folder on my RAM drive along with my "History", "Recent", "Favorites" and "Cookies".
In order to make it easier/faster to use reg files don't give them a .txt extention, better to give them the .reg extention, ie. this is a typical example of a reg file:-

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management]

You would save this as NoPage.reg (you can call it anything you like but you must keep the .reg bit at the end, and save it onto your Desktop or anywhere you like, then just double-click it to enter it into your registry.


to make the reg files, just right click a folder in regedit and click export. then to restore double click the newly made file.

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