OSx86 Project served with a DMCA violation


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I was wondering when they would get hit...

We're sorry to report that despite our best efforts, the OSx86 Project has been served with a DMCA violation notice. The forum will be unavailable while we evaluate its contents to remove any violations present. We thank you for your patience in this matter.


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They found a method on how to install OS X onto none-Apple PC's from the 10.4.4 restore disc that comes with Intel iMacs, then POOF... DCMA :D

Whether or not the DCMA had been brewing a while though, I don't know, seems good timing if not :)

The information is still available, and patches are present on Maxxus' site and plenty of 'other' sites, there's just one less central point for it all. That's if they stay down/clean/boring, anyway :)
They just need to host outside of the USA, DMCA becomes moot then.

It's interesting that of all the DMCA notices I've responded to while at work and told the sender that DMCA doesnt apply and that we'll leave action to the server owner to decide, none of them have ever responded.

DMCA seems to be some kind of fire and forget thing to me.


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Yahoo news reports on hidden messages placed by Apple into Mac OS X for Intel to warn would-be hackers/pirates. The system files of latest version of Mac OS X revealed a short poem:

Your karma check for today: There once was a user that whined/his existing OS was so blind/he'd do better to pirate/an OS that ran great/but found his hardware declined./Please don't steal Mac OS!/Really, that's way uncool./(C) Apple Computer, Inc.
Apple confirmed that it had placed these messages into the Mac OS software hoping "it, and many other legal warnings, will remind people that they should not steal Mac OS X."



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SPeedY_B said:
Yup, looks like they're with ThePlanet at the moment though.

ThePlanet will take their server down. I bet they are looking for a place to host the new instructions outside of the United States of America.

Any place that already has them mirrored?


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OSx86 team responds:

As most of you know, two days ago we were contacted by an Apple representative concerning links, posted by our members, to the newest patches by Maxxuss on his site. Since the beginning, we have made it known that we would be very willing to work with Apple regarding any concerns they had with their intellectual property and this site (I actually wrote Steve about it a few months ago… but that's another story...). After speaking with the lawyer representing Apple, we've removed the handful of links to Maxxuss' website from the Forum.

Apple is certainly well within their rights to protect their OS and we have always supported them in this effort. Our first-class moderating staff has helped ensure that direct links to any patches are not allowed. We have in the past linked to the homepage of Maxxuss - but not to the offending 10.4.4 patches - in the interest of news, but we've removed those links just in case.

News of Apple's DMCA concerns with the links on our site have traveled far and wide over the past 24 hours. Most major tech news site have covered it in one way or another, some accurately, some not. I'd like to be clear regarding the history of this site.

Back in the summer, after Steve announced the Intel transition and the Net was filled with rumors of faked leaks, it became apparent to a few of us that the transition was one that many people would want to discuss. We first started the wiki, then the forum, then the full-fleged news portion of the site. Since that time, we've been recognized as the leader in discussion of all things "OS X on x86" related.

This site was not founded to be a "watercooler for hackers" as CNet posited. Instead, it was simply meant to be welcoming Mac community for switchers and experts alike. We think that we've accomplished that goal - a large portion of our forum membership is comprised of new iMac users who have commented on the accepting ethos of our forum.

We welcome everyone. Hackers came (as we knew they would) but as long as they accepted the rules, they were welcomed as well. It's also important to note that situations like this, in which members post questionable material and the site is served with legal notices, are not uncommon; a similar situation occured in the early days with Neowin and Microsoft.

So that's the story. Apple doesn't "have it in" for our site; they were simply concerned with a few links posted by our members. Those links have been removed and we're back.

Thanks for your patience with this matter, and to those who are new... welcome to the most talked-about forum on Earth right now.



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X-Istence said:
ThePlanet will take their server down. I bet they are looking for a place to host the new instructions outside of the United States of America.

Any place that already has them mirrored?
No need, they're confirming with any legal requests they receive.

Oh, and all the patches etc created by Maxxus are already hosted on (his?) Russian site :)


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Speed was great. The original leaked beta's of OS X for Intel where stripped to feck and therefore booted nice and fast, and ran well.

New versions are just the same as the version being released for Apple machines, and run the same (unless you have an insanely powerful set-up). Just remember speed is always nice on a fresh install, most of the llama's using the hacked version aren't using as their day-to-day OS and therefore don't bog it down with apps etc.

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