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OSNN up and down?


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Have there been a couple of outages today? The site was unreachable earlier today, and then again just a few minutes ago. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same.


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me had one db prob about two hours before your post - but my post still got through, just page came back saying maybe db busy... is that the kind of thing you mean? Or was it 404's?

Electronic Punk

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Yeah, we have rebuilt various bits and bobs.
If you didn't know we have recently taken on what is left of inmatrix.com which brought (and is bringing us) more traffic than we normally get.

A good stress test, if a little unexpected. It's all good tho, once these bloody servers are setup thats it :)
It may not be related to OSNN.net, but I suspect an internet backbone knacked or something. I am having problems reaching overseas websites this entire day (including Spammers Paradise, CNN.com etc). I don't have any problems with Dutch websites, so I suspect it's the entire internet.


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Server is handling load fine now, bit higher load averages, but it will survive :).

Also, the internet backbones are still being shifted around glaanie, so that might be true.


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erm.. EP/mods/smods/admins... why are you moving threads such as this to the fixed section when the problem has not actually been fixed? Another great example would be the OSNN time thread that I posted a while back. The time on this forum is still lagging behind by 1hr.

Electronic Punk

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Didn't realise the time had been fixed myself :p - I guess it is a small manual workaround until php 4.36 is sorted.

As for this problem, well we thought we had it fixed. And now hopefully we really do!
Electronic Punk said:
Xie, prob mean't X-istence.
Self-pimpage is banned at OSNN.
I am great. (hehe)
Self-pimpage all the way! :D

was really talking about X-istence though and was to lazy to type it all cuz dinner was ready :)

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