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It is once again time for OSNN to provide one of its lucky members the opportunity to recieve a gift card good for one 32GB Ipad 2, which I hear are rather popular. Clearly you want to know why we should do this and are not currently skipping down to the indented text below, so I shall spare your nerves and tell you straight away.

Vonage have teamed up with 75 sites, including OSNN, to promote their new Apple Appstore Time to Call that will allow you to easily and cheaply make international calls directly from your device over 3G (where supported by the application) or over Wifi. The Time to Call application will be making its way to other platforms soon enough, but for now Apple users can find it here - they will even give you 15 minutes worth of international calls for downloading the free application so be sure to give it a look. You can see it in action below.

I will be posting the thoughts of a work colleague later who was able to go over the features of the application, as I don't have any Apple products and I am anxiously awaiting the Android version, which I am told in the works so look out for that later. Be sure to keep an eye on this post for that. Here are some some social links if you want to help Vonage shape this application as they have been and will be very open to feedback:

Facebook - Vonage
Twitter - @Vonage

The competition is simple and open to the entire world, with the exception of myself, as far as I know (the winner will recieve the prize in the form of a gift card for their local/national Apple store), so here is what you need to do.

The competition has a slight social network feel to it this time around:

  • The Competition is now closed.

Please note that new members may find their first post moderated, a feature used here at OSNN in an effort to curb spam, the team will be authorising these posts regularly. So don't panic, if you do need to do so please make sure you are in a controlled environment and ask me politely on Twitter if you do not see your posts.

The winner will need to give me details such as email address, real name and address and these will be treated with the utmost respect and only given to Ivy Worldwide so your prize can be forwarded to you.

The rules of the competition may change for clarification as it continues and I will do my best to make that clear should any changes affect the running or format of the promotion.

The competition will run for the next four days ending on the 3rd September (in some time zone or other) and is limited to one entry per IP address/household and I will select the winner that meets all of the above criteria.

Be sure to check out Time to call from your smartphone? for the other sites taking part in this promotion for other chances to win.
Good luck and a special thanks to Vonage and Ivy Worldwide for allowing OSNN to be a part of this great promotion!
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Re: [Live] OSNN, Ivy Worldwide and Vonage giveaway - Ipad 2 - Time to Call

My device just went wonky, I hope my comment didn't just get submitted a million times! Sry if it did :(
Re: [Live] OSNN, Ivy Worldwide and Vonage giveaway - Ipad 2 - Time to Call

I did everything including sending the private message. :)
Re: [Live] OSNN, Ivy Worldwide and Vonage giveaway - Ipad 2 - Time to Call

Not sure if we are supposed to comment, but I liked and tweeted- Twitter

sent the personal message too with my FB/twitter name- thanks!
Re: [Live] OSNN, Ivy Worldwide and Vonage giveaway - Ipad 2 - Time to Call

I was just able to message you but just in case my fave app is Kindle :) And my name is Carolina Dhabolt on Facebook and @cdhabolt on twitter! Thank you for this great opportunity!
Re: [Live] OSNN, Ivy Worldwide and Vonage giveaway - Ipad 2 - Time to Call

The winner will be announced tomorrow as I got a little drunk, entries are still open!!
Re: [closing] OSNN, Ivy Worldwide and Vonage giveaway - Ipad 2 - Time to Call

Ok, I am no longer accepting entries and will be going through and picking a winner.
In the mean time, here is what Marc-Andre, a work colleague, had to say about the Time to Call application:

I have used the app over the last few days and here are my findings so far. I'll definatly continue to use it more and keep you posted of anything new. Going to be abroad at the end of the month so will also be able to test it for calling back home :)

Mostly easy to use and self explanatory. I especially like the integration with the iPhone contacts! Please see other comments below:
Help section: keeps going back to the top of the page each time you looked in an article within it. Now I don't know if this is a limitation of iPhone apps in general but it would be great if it could remember your previous location in the FAQ so you can continue on from there.
Balance: I may have missed it in the FAQ but it's not immediatly clear which countries a certain "Region plan includes" I.E. Mine currenctly says Region 2.

Currently you have to type the whole name of a country to find it. Would it maybe be possible to tweak the search to also find them by offical abbreviations for the countries? I.E Germany would be DE or United Kingdom would be UK and so on.

While this is identical to the Recents menu of the normal iPhone application would there be any chance to add a prompt before re-dialling a number you previously called? It's one of these features that I can live with but also annoys me on the regular iPhone phone menu. I also know that a lot of my friends feel similar about this after countless occurances of accidently calling people you didn't want to cal - fat fingers ;)

Conversation quality:
I have so far tested the application to call my family over in Germany on a 10MB cable wifi connection. The conversations were much clearer for both the person on the other end as well as me in comparision to other VoIP calling facilities I have used in the past. There was no long delay between speaking and the other person receiving it which I have noticed with other facilities before. Especially when I called my sister on her mobile phone where with equivalen products I had mediocre quality in both calls with her I had crystal clear voice with an occassional "scratch squeak noise" which may have very well been her mobile phone signal. :)
I also called a German landline and again the voice quality was much better than other products in the past.

One thing I noticed though is that "premium numbers" (0870 and 090 numbers) the UK appear to be blocked? I decided to see what happens with those out of curiosity and while it said it was "Ringing" nothing actually happened until I ended the call about a minute later. I tried it a few times and guessed that they are indeed blocked after this test. If they are supposed to be blocked (Which I assume as they could be pricey!) it might be good to implement an error message for them so that end-users are aware

While most calls are shorter would it be possible to add a feature to pre-purchase more than 15 minutes for longer conversations so that you don't get cut off half way throug a conversation? Maybe even encourage people to purchase longer calling plans with discounts?
I am planning to do a few calls with my relatives in the US and Canada to see how far distance calls will work out as well as using it while on holiday in Japan. Will let you know how it goes!

Stay tuned, the winner will be announced shortly!
Re: [closing] OSNN, Ivy Worldwide and Vonage giveaway - Ipad 2 - Time to Call

Apologies for the delay, but I had quite a bit to read!

Firstly, thank you to everyone that entered and having randomly selected one of the people that completed all the tasks I set I have picked a winner.

I am delighted to say that Andy Jones / retox34 / retox34 is the OSNN winner of the Vonage Time to Call giveaway, I will be sending him an email shortly.

Andy's favourite mobile application is the BBC News app which I know is available on Android, as I use it myself, but I imagine it is available for others and like the BBC News website is updated several times a day.

Sadly, in this competition there could be only one winner but I am sure we will have more competitions coming in the future.

Lastly, thanks again to both Ivy Worldwide and Vonage for letting OSNN be part of this great promotion.
What is his name on here? I looked in the member list to congratulate him, and there is no Andy Jones or retox34.

Either way, congratulations.
Why didn't you pick me? :(

Congrats to the winner. If you find yourself not wanting your iPad 2, contact me ;( :p
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