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Johnny said:
The best Antivirus to use is none. All they are is snake oil salesman for your pc, All I have is a router and a firewall (Zone Alarm Free). I have never (let me say that again), never had a virus. I guess I am just special.

So err how do you know you havent had a virus, if you have nothing to detect it? Most virii dont necessarily have an effect you will instantly notice..

And I have recently gone from Norton to AVG (my first AV I ever used was AVG) and I decided to go free instead of having to pay for newer versions.
Stay away from Norton. I've several friends who got viruses in spite of it even when up to date.

Macafee let one through (in 5 years) but it was when my wife was using the computer so there may have been operateor error involved.

AVG is the highest recommended freeware. I've heard Panda (also freeware) caught virii AVG missed.
I agree, AVG is a top notch. Norton is bulky and installs deep in your registery.
if you ever have to remove norton av, its a pain in the azzzzzzz.
My opinion, but Kaspersky's AV catches viruses that above mentionned AVs don't...
Now that I use Avast!, I want to change my vote from AVG. I like Avast because it has pretty colors and it talks.
Sophos is REAL good and fast a updates but its REAL hard to get it.
ZeroHour, you need to change that avatar... it's scaring me.
jokes. :p
On the computers here at home I should clarify since I voted for avast. I have Avast and Avg installed. 3 Avast & 3 AVG. Botyh have worked very well. Avg has caught every virus that I know of that my son has gotten from file sharing on kazzalite, which he is getting better at being more selective at which movie he wants from Japan now. I usually offer either to my customers for installation or they can use what ever they want as long as they have one installed.
soon I will have mod rights LOL ;)
then you will feel the power of my precious :D
I hate to say it but sophos is now *******S
me got ANOTHER fecking virus hidden away.
Goodbye sophos.
What will I install now?
Repeating myself, again and again, Kaspersky AntiVirus Personnal Pro (latest build,, the non pro version is free but I don't know it, always been using the pro version since v. 3.5.x.
I feel real safe with it, Netsky virus keeps trying to infect my system via unsollicited e-mails but Kaspersky blocks it at once :)
FreeBSD here :)

That comes under the caterogory of *Nix for those of you that dont know.

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