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OS X on x86 - Natively!


I may actually be insane.
As they're all over the net anyway, I'll post here too:

Pre Install Notes:
1. You can not install OS X86 on a partition, it NEEDS it's own drive.

2. You NEED a CPU which has SSE2 as a minimum. The OS is crippled with purely SSE2, however it is still bootable, and useable. Only with Intel Binaries though. PPC compiled apps require rosetta, which requires SSE3.
You can use CPUz: http://www.cpuid.org/download/cpu-z-130.zip ; to check for SSE.

3. For the install, you will need a copy of the OS X86 DVD (we DO NOT need to know where this is available, if you have a copy, the assumption shall be made that you obtained it via a transition dev kit.)

4. It's not just a simple install, you will need more tools than just your install DVD, however the guides make it simple enough.

Install Guide
Easiest: http://www.xplodenet.com/
Alternative: http://www.360hacker.net/

Proof of concept
I've mirrored various video's of OSX86 in action here: http://speedyb.osnn.net/osx86/video/

I shall be trying this myself when I get some time, and access to a friends machine, I will of course post results etc.


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AS well as VISTA does... :lick:

I know they fixed most of the bugs, pretty much. But it was too good a shot to pass up.
Dunno, never had an issue with gaming on Vista :)

Maybe Matt, Net and I are blessed in not having the ridiculous "issues" all the rest of you seem to be having :cool:


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I would say 90% of issues with vista are user created, well mine where till i pulled my head out of my ass and got down to business.

Aside, i think OS X is a great os with some pretty bad ass programs..
Maybe Matt, Net and I are blessed in not having the ridiculous "issues" all the rest of you seem to be having :cool:
I don't really play games on the PC anymore (Xbox 360 ftw!), so I'm not the best person to comment on that aspect of Vista vs. XP.

But yeah, I'm happy with Vista on my desktop and Tablet, overall. There are a few annoyances (what OS doesn't have its quirks?), but nothing major that would make me want to go back to XP at least. :)


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whats is all this lingo, ftw..whats that..may i have a link to internet talk...anyways..i was at the mac store yesterday, those core duo are sweet ass sweet, but the os x86 customs run smooth too


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Since this was dragged screaming and kicking from it's grave, I just wanted to say that I have tried this, and unfortunately I was unable to get it to work because none of the graphics cards I have would work. I tried both Nvidia and ATI cards.

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