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Orlando ISP's


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Greetings all!

I'm about to move from fridgid Fargo ND to sunny Orlando Fl. I'm almost certain that they will have blazing fast cable internet down there but I don't know pricing or anything. What I have now is 3/MB down and 256/K up, it is the max speed we have in our area and costs $59.99, after a $10 "congratulations you're an idiot for getting cable tv over satellite" discount. What I'm wondering than is who are the provider's in the area, what are the costs and the speeds available. If anyone is in the sunshine state and has some info I'd be very grateful.



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xsiv is in the Orlando area and uses RoadRunner. Dunno what the pricing is or the speed, he'll be around and let you know :)
We do have roadrunner, I couldn't tell you what the price is because they add it into the bill. There is also 3 different speeds for DSL from Bellsouth, I choose the middle one which is 39.99.

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