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Ordering a Macbook Pro Next month ...


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I am making the switch next month. I need to have an idea of what programs to use.

I need something for making, and burning, iso images and ripping cd's. As well as a torrent client and ftp program.

What all do you guys use? Or do you know of any good ones?
I have both mac and pc (pc is still king tbh)
FTP you have freeware called cyberduck or there is the commercial transmit, there is no winscp for mac although I wish there was as I love that app.
Torrent client I use is vuze


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Torrent client: Transmission
FTP Program: CyberDuck (does sftp, ftps, and others)
Making/Burning: Built in
ISO's: Built in
Ripping CD's: iTunes, or to ISO is Disk Utility (built in)
Rar files: unarchiver
RSS feed reader: NetNewsWire (has Google Reader integration)
Multiple chat client: Adium


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Thanx for the info guys. I will check those out. I am ordering a 13" Macbook Pro, and will probably be using VMware fusion with it.


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quite simple. Mac's are for working. PC are for playing..
PC = Personal Computer ... and now that Mac's run on Intel chips they can "work" via Mac OS and "play" via Windows on the same machine. :)

* though one would say you can now "play" via Mac OS as Steam has an official client for it


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I got it pretty much set up.


1. Office 2008 for MAC
2. Transmission
3. Adium
4. Firefox
5. Thunderbird
6. VMWare Fusion
7. Adobe Creative Suite 5
8. Adobe Lightroom 3
9. Cyberduck
10. Netnewswire
11. Coversutra

It is running great, I love it, totally love it... :)

Have I also mentioned that I love the mouse pad? I am also going to see about themes. And I still haven't figured out how to connect to my windows file sharing. That isn't really a big deal. I am going to be getting a mac mini with osx server here soon. So I can wait...

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