(opinions) What is the best Anti-virus Software?

My norton Antivirus subscription will be ending soon, and i was wondering if it was the best i could get? I've heard from friends that norton is no longer the best antivirus, but just the most hyped, but i've always thought norton was good. So i figured I'd ask you experts for your opinions. I want to feel secure while i'm online - while no solution will be 100% effective, i would like to know what you all think is the best solution for a home user with a broadband connection.

If possible i would like to see the following features:

Virus protection for all incoming files and e-mail.
Backdoor protection.
worm protection.
protection from any keyloggers.
things ive never heard of but would make my online experiance less that what it is now :)

Thank you in advance for any input.


I would say McAfee would be the best commercial Antivirus, but there is a corporate antivirus made by Exim. It costs a lot of money, though...
My two cents from another thread:

Originally posted by NetRyder
Symante AV Corporate 8.1 currently seems to be using around 13MB of RAM and 16.4MB of hard drive space on my laptop (this includes realtime file protection as well as the automatic definitions update service)

As far as I can see, it supports Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange, in addition to file system realtime protection. Not quite sure about Eudora compatibility.

Symantec, of course, releases new definitions every weekday in the form of the Intelligent Updater (IU), so it's effective in detecting new viruses. It's a well-known fact, though, that the unpacker of Norton/Symantec isn't too great, so it fails to detect some packed viruses and worms. I know Kaspersky (which is quite resource-heavy AFAIK) can detect those, but I've never used AVG, so I don't know about that.

All-in-all, however, SAV 8.1 is a great AV, and I've been using it for quite a while now. :)

I'm moving this thread to the Security section so that you can get more feedback from some of the pros. ;)
But as allbusiness pointed out, the AV poll in the Security section gives you an idea of what most people are using.


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As above checkout the Poll. If there is any product you specially want an opinion on give me a shout.

For detection of none ITW (In the Wild, i.e your garden variety worms) detections (Backdoor protection. Worm protection. Protection from any keyloggers.) Your going to want to look at KAV or F-Secure which do the best in these areas.

NAV 2004 has also added a mass of detections for other malware, have not tested it out yet however.

To combat trojans and keyloggers look at TDS-3 and also SpyBot is not to bad at catching keyloggers.
I've just noticed something new on my computer and it may be related. I still have norton, and i see that when i start up my computer norton appears to be checking an out going e-mail for viruses but doesn't seem to find any... the problem is that i have not made any out going e-mail, how can i see what was just sent out? It does NOT appear in my sent messages in my e-mail program. Can anyone help? (should this be a new thread? I'm really not sure if it's related, maybe it has somthing to do witht he subscription going up soon)

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