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duked said:
Was looking around for an LCD just for curiosity sakes. Currently use a Samsung SyncMaster 753df 17" but i was eyeing this one which seems to be in a decent price range:


don't have a hell of a lot so i figure it's okay. I suppose a 19" wouldn't be too neccesary for my basic needs. any opinions?
I had a similar monitor to that...
It was a syncmaster LCD...
I'd advise against it, it had a lot of wasted space around the monitor...
You can probably find a thinner 17 inch monitor for around the same price...
Check NewEgg.com or Zipzoomfly, also compusa has some good deals as well...


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would be better then a CRT though haha. Man i bought this desk because i thought i'd have room on it a while back. the desk on the showcase floor was misleading since it had a LCD on it.. *Stupid stupid*

welp given what u said i'll continue to look around for others. did it work okay though?


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It did work ok :)
However the plug that it had was not a traditional monitor plug, it was a circular plug that i could not find a replacement for... Thus the reason i got my sharp lcd was because the plug broke :( Big waste of money throwing away a 300 dollar monitor because the plug broke...
Hopefully thats not the case with this one...
I hear you about the space though,
I had a CRT prior to the Syncmaster and when i got the SYncmaster omg, the space was tremendous :).
I only say that it had wasted space after i got my sharp which is very thin and compact though still 17 inches :)

Hope it helps, It was good quality though, the syncmaster.


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I do nto want to bump- this thread up - I want to say ONE thing and ONE thing only though - you are unsure about stepping up from 17 to 19"... let me just say one or two things I have learnt in a not inconsiderable experience with computers....

The MOST important things and the places to spend MOST of your hard earned £'s or $'s are IMHO wherever you directly INTERFACE... I would not put an order on these, but that means mouse/keyboard/screen typically... with desk etc also involved. So my advice would be save as much as you can and go as large as you can - ideally 24". If you ever manage it you'll not look back and you'll wonder how you could ever exist with 17", believe me.

That's basically all I have to say - 19" is a compromise - but well worth it. If you got there though do not blame me if yu do not wish you saved to move right on up to 21 or 24"!


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Good points MFG, but I would also like to add that the cost difference between a 19" and a 20" is slim compared to the benefit gained. Unfortunately you have to go 20" to get true 1600x1200, whereas a 19" caps at 1280x1024.


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Whats the price diff?
Also, im not sure how much a wide screen costs but that would be a neat little thing to have :)


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Vanquished said:
Whats the price diff?
Also, im not sure how much a wide screen costs but that would be a neat little thing to have :)
A wide screen.... now by that I am going to take you at your word and assume you mean a mnitor with non-standard dimensions - this will actually be a huge pain in the ass in IMHO and nothing "neat" to have at all.

Keep wide screen where it belongs - in the cinema.

Now if you really meant extended desktop - well yeah that is neat, and that is the reason why you should keep your old monitor, also the reason to try to go for the right res right off - because one day you might go two head up on that....


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what I was thinking about was that I use my screen for computer applications where the native res is (in my case) 2560x1024.... I was thinking a widescreen is going to mess that up and be a pain....

I have to admit in this case I am largely wrong - with one exception that is worth mentioning - most games are likely to either run with "letterboxing" to achieve the desired result or possibly have some issues and force you into resolution compromises and the like - so I would have to amend my thinkingto it could be a pain in the ass if you are an out and out gamer....
I just found out that Dell is having another deal for today concerning LCD monitors (what good timing!)

Check it out keep in mind the Canadian pricing.

They're all pretty much 500:1 and 8ms response time it seems except the middle one is 700:1

what do u guys think is the clear choice when it comes down to quality and price. Does it beat the first link I put above about the Samsung Syncmaster lcd?


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I'd go with Dell over Samsung...
Even though i hate Dell...
I guess it comes down to which one you like more, they are both good companies...

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