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If anyone needs help, I am an opera user myself and I have gotten the hang of it. So just ask away!
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Protocol Handlers

if you use Direct Connect, IRC and other protocols you have to tell Opera where to send them.

SO, in Opera 7 - File > Prefrences > Programs and Paths, click Add... and type the protocol extension
ie. irc, dchub, http, it will then fill in the path box with the program registered by windows or you may select one yourself.


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I'm hooked at this point on Opera 7.23. Its fast and I love the wand to get into the forums fast and not have to look up passwords. Great skins. Right now I'm using the unOfficial deviantART skin with the Sand color scheme.! If I run into some jams ViperSnake I'll come looking for ya!


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ViperSnake said:
.. you should use Hybrid or Threaded mode if you want to not have to keep track in linear mode.
No, you shouldn't. We're getting rid of those. So please, get over yourself.


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Preferences>History and Cache "empy on exit". When I used IE/FB mod and I used Window Washer to clean afterwards it would typically clean 5 to 10mb of junk. How do I know what Opera cleans after I browse with it. When I exit it doesn't "sound" like there is any cleaning taking place. I use Opera 7.50 and love it, but this has always puzzled me. Do you guys think the history and cache actually are getting deleted after exit? thanks. Have a great day.


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Re: 5.01

I've added a few skins and I use MMD3. Each time I start up a new movie or song it kicks back to the winamp classic. Is there a setting that will keep it on MMD3 so I don't have to constantly change the skin everytime.


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I have used Opera for 4 or 5 years. Started off using MSIE and Opera and finally gave up MSIE except for those sites where Opera seems to offend M$.

You can't go wrong with it. Take it out for a drive and seriously explore it capabilities.

Best thing for you to do is bookmark this site:

Best browser to date. No questions.

one innovation i like in opera is the way the Forward button and the Forward mouse gesture works. If there is no page in history to go forward, the Forward command will look for a link in current page with the word "next" and automatically follows the link. For example, if you use the forward mouse gesture when reading this page, you will be taken to the next thread in the forum.

(it certainly is very useful for pr0n browsing)


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Another feature I just found by accident is the + and - buttons on the far right of the keyboard. When you utilize them they will increase/decrease the size of the font from the page your on. "Now thats nice, especially for us old farts that need to get glasses after years at staring at CRT monitors. Thank goodness for the new LCD flat panels."


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I had finished installed opera 7.50 on my Mac Os X 10.3.3. It works perfect and looks nice.Maybe it will replace Gecko based explorers and become my default browser.
I've also installed Opera 7.5 Preview 3, You'll go nuts over the new layout but the opera standard theme looks (well the buttons on the nav bar) bad. I suggest you get a diffrent theme if you use this version.

I'd recomend "Fresh" for all those Opera 7.5 users out there, They might fix the problem in the Opera Standard theme at the next beta but for now....

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