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Opera 6



Greetings Everyone,

I've been using IE6 for quite some time and I'm happy with it...but as a tweaker :D I'm always looking for something faster.
I've come across Opera 6 and have been told by others that it's a pretty good browser and fast as well.

Before I jump the gun and install it...thank the almighty(ies);) that I have GOBACK 3 installed on my XP Pro system...this has saved my ass many a time....

I wanted to ask all of you out there about your thoughts and/ or experiences with Opera 6.

thanks in advance.


Prodigal Son
I use both IE6 and Opera6. Opera has some really great features. Make sure to learn some of the mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts. There are some really wild ones. Look under the help button in Opera. You will see keyboard and mouse. Have a look in there. :)
Yes, I agree with xsivforce, I love Opera use it as my primary browser most times, however, some websites don't work that well with it.

There are many great features like xsivforce mentioned, the best one by far is the pop up stopper built into it. This feature alone makes it worth it. It's faster then IE, webpages load faster, you can customize it, etc. Well worth it in my opinion.


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