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OpenGL/Direct 3D issue


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I have previously upgraded my father to use Omega Drivers but here is the problem:
Before when my father was using MSI drivers, I couldn't play any game on this Radeon 9550 without the video going blank on the moniter and then I can't find anything to try and restart the system manually. Then when I started using Omega Drivers, I can play except after a while, the screen flashes black and then back to the windows that was showing, but any hardware rendering program that was open is now on a black screen.

I tested Stepmania just now to see if that would start the issue and it did the same thing. It is also done in the game Legends: The Game so this is not from a single Application issue. Stepmania tried first using OpenGL and when it went blank and back, I had to restart the program. It tried to use Direct3D but I had a black screen in that window. Then when I tried restarting Stepmania to see if I can get an error, it brings this up:

There was an error while initializing your video card.


Video Driver: RADEON 9550 (Omega 2.6.87)

Initializing OpenGL...
Your system is reporting that OpenGL hardware acceleration is not available. Please obtain an updated driver from your video card manufacturer.

Initializing Direct3D...
Your system is reporting that Direct3D hardware acceleration is not available. Please obtain an updated driver from your video card manufacturer.
Here is the ending area of the video for the log in Stepmania:
00:04.465: UnlockSystem::Load()
00:04.498: Last seen video driver: RADEON 9550 (Omega 2.6.87)
00:04.498: Card matches 'GeForce|Radeon|Wonder 9'.
00:04.498: Video renderers: 'opengl,d3d'
00:04.502: RageDisplay_OGL::RageDisplay_OGL()
00:04.616: SDL version: 1.2.6
00:04.616: Got 32 bpp (8880), 16 depth, 8 stencil
00:04.616: WARNING: Mode 4: (BOGUS) software 32 (888) 16 depth 8 stencil 64 accum
00:04.617: Paletted textures disabled: glGetTexLevelParameteriv(GL_TEXTURE_INDEX_SIZE_EXT) failed (GL_INVALID_ENUM).
00:04.618: GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT_1_5_5_5_REV failed (GL_INVALID_ENUM), disabled
00:04.657: FPS: 1, CFPS 1, VPF: 0
00:04.657: OGL Vendor: Microsoft Corporation
00:04.657: OGL Renderer: GDI Generic
00:04.657: OGL Version: 1.1.0
00:04.657: OGL Extensions: GL_WIN_swap_hint GL_EXT_bgra GL_EXT_paletted_texture
00:04.657: OGL Max texture size: 1024
00:04.657: GLU Version: Microsoft Corporation
00:04.683: RageDisplay_D3D::RageDisplay_D3D()
In one other game example, the game Rakion does the same thing WHEN it launches. Sometimes it won't launch saying that you can't support OpenGL and to change the desktop to 16-bit graphics and try to start the game that same way (I try that and it don't work; still does the same problem).

Any assistance please?


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Not yet but I figure that if I try the official ATI drivers, odds are its gonna have some of the same effect that MSI's Radeon Drivers had and these Omega Drivers


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I wouldn't figure that, Omega drivers are not official, and I am assuming MSI driver's mean the one from the motherboard CD? Get the latest official ATi drivers, if they don't work, complain to ATi.


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Its an MSI Radeon 9550 Video Driver that I was talkin about. The Motherboard is completly different as far as I know. But I agree. However, I can only download it tonight and install tomorrow as it is not possible to do that now (I am at my family's place and using this PC in my parents room... I HATE IT WHEN ITS NOT CUSTOMED CORRECTLY!)


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Thanks for the info, I'll do that tomorrow morning and try to run a game for an hour after everything is setup to see if it works or not.


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Ok, so I started doing everything. I uninstalled the Omega Drivers, restarted the system, Used Driver Cleaner, restarted, installed ATI's Official Drivers, Restarted, and then started testing.

I was able to play stepmania without a problem for 20 min.

I was on Rakion and for some odd reason, my screen went black and the game's sound froze. I was trying to get out of it by pressing Control+Alt+Delete to see if I can close it and my system restarted.

The following Error Signature was given to me by Microsoft Windows upon return:
The system has recovered from a serious error.

Error Signature:
BCCode: 100000ea BCP1: 875CC388 BCP2: 87B04600 BCP3: F78BECB4
BCP4: 00000001 OSVer: 5_1_2600 SP: 2_0 Product: 256_1
I don't know if that quote helps. I can't test it on Legends: The Game because I need other players to be on in order to test it.


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Just finished testing under Legends and it does what I thought it would do. The game plays for about... 15 min before the game freezes, goes into a black screen, and has no choice but to do a hard restart. *sigh* So basically it does the same thing as MSI's drivers but in this case, you can at least play... darnet. so any suggestions?


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I looked up some stuff on google about it. Everything I see refers to the same thing... a Threading_in_Device_Driver_M and checking it somehow means it is spinning/looping. What the heck???
Anyway, please if anyone has any info, tell me.


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Kind of an old topic to bring up...

This was my father's system and I am not there anymore so no point in asking that.

Sorry, but thanks anyways.


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Hi, I am also having this problem. I am using a HIS radeon 9550 and was originally using the omega drivers, but changed to control pannel. My Direct3D works intermittently, when D3D isn't working I cant open any games. Direct X Diagnostic reports that 'Direct 3D functionaliy is not available'. Also Direct X cannot determine the on cards onboard memory. Has any one else encountered this problem? I am beggining to wonder if it is a hardware problem rather than a software problem.
Would greatly appreciate any help as I havent had a stable system for over 6 months!!!

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