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Open Your Eyes


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Hello all,

Just wanted to tell you about the album by Goldfinger called "open your eyes" ~ before you move this to music it ain't bout music,

Until today I have shunned all protestors that moan about animal rights and fox hunting etc etc.

But today I watched this video that was on the album it is something that everyone should see, "Open Your Eyes!!"

Its called free me and it is an animal rights video that really hits the spot, I am seriously considering becoming vegitarian (however its spelt)

for those of you that don't buy albums u should either buy it or try download this video it really does make u open your eyes,

Just really has changed the way I think but take no notice if u ain't interested i ain't gonna put no letterbomb through ure postbox

I'm not going to stop eating furry woodland creatures. Animals have always been killed for good, and I'm not about to stop eating them :p :p :p


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I'm not arguing that, watch the video, i mean u think we should get away with that, its not called for.

And that livestock is free range as well (or meant to be)

Well, I watched the video, and to say, it's not the best sight I've been, but I think in a way it's really cruel, but in the end, you die and woohoo! Great for you, you didn't eat any meat. Like your dead body is going to care.

Basically, I think animals should be killed quickly, not let to dangle and die like those piggies. That isn't right.

But it's quite comical if you cut off a chickens head, it will still run around.

Anyway, humans are bound to destroy ourselves, and the little animal friends with us. So no worries. :happy:
There are some pretty hard hitting images there. Although i disagree that people should stop eating animal products, i do disagree with the way in which the animals are being treated in some places.

Its one of those things though, no matter how it stupid it sounds, if the animals themselves could speak up for themselves then this wouldnt happen. But they cant so unfortunately there will always be cruelty to animals, whether they are being reared for food products or not.


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The problem is the way that the slaugter has become, either mechanized or you get a bunch of degenerate low lifes to carry it out. I have always been a Carnivor, I also enjoy my Veggies. But sometimes these things/videos and such can change the way you look at the world in which we live in but if you are set in the way you eat... it will piss you off as to the crewlty of these so called "Farmers", and their methods of bringing us our food. But it may not change the way you eat, it will some. I have and will always be a "meat eater", it's in my genetic makeup. My Ancestors have been eating meat since the begining of time, soooo it's not gonna change me. But I would luv to feed them "Farmers" to some farm animals. Or just give them a few "wacks" upside their heads. But it would not do much good, that's the problem.

Sucks really. :mad: :( :cool:

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