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Open Wireless AP called Gupta Network


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My own cable at home is down for some odd reason, or rather, i think one of my network cables connecting the Switches that are spread around the house are down.

Good thing though, some idiot down the block has a wireless AP open called Gupta network. Been using his internet connection for a bit :p. pretty funny actually, no WEP, standard admin password.

Funny name though.

Cheers Gupta Network owner.

house number 20 :p


Blame me for the RAZR's
i have two of those around. lol but both are s using the default network name. hehe half signal from my room hehe.


I may actually be insane.
You're lucky to have on so close, my closest open network is across the road, can only use it via the iBook outside :p


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If i walk to the other side of my house, i can pick up 5< open wireless AP's, 4 are not encrypted, and still have the standard admin:password username:password combination from the factory default :p.

Further up the road i can get myself around 20 - 30 open on a certain corner (line of sight to all the houses around the neighborhood), approx 19 of those are open.

And if they are not open, it is the factory set WEP key :p

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