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Dabba Dooba
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Well i found out today that my best friend's mom owes $207.11 to aol cause of me. I have been using aol at my house to get online by using an extra screen name they have. I started doing it cause i found out u can sign in somewhere else while someone on the same account is on if they have cable. Well i guess if u have dial up while getting on u only get 3 hours a month and after that they get charged and well yeah. I feel stupid now but i guess my friends mom knew that and told him to tell me but he never did so i guess its not my fault but then again it is. I dont know to much info cause i had to hurry and leave here to go to my gfs house cause her g-ma died. I am back at his house since he lives next to me and i was gonna talk to his mom but she is sleeping. I guess this goes on the tittle wall of stupidity :(.


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Can't really say I feel sorry for you. I do feel sorry for your girlfriend though, but thats about it.


I may actually be insane.
Funny, the other day you were on irc bragging you only used AOL because it was free. Guess not. Once again you live up to your signature.


F@H - Is it in you?
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Evil Marge said:
I hope your going to pay her the $207.11.You owe her that and a big apology :wow:
yah and you need to get your own connection...

btw I have about a million freebie AOL cd's lying in a rubbish heap next to me... you can always forage and logon using them things...


Woah.. I'm still here?
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I think people are going to automatically start to cringe whenever tittle starts a thread with the title of "oops..."


Dabba Dooba
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lol...well i lucked out. She called aol today and they took it off :) but now i cant get online anymore unless i get my mom to pay for it. I might just back tims mom the extra 7 bucks a month to have unlimited time for dial up users. I was scared i would have to pay she knew i would pay tho cause she is like my second my mom and i do alot for her. I built her computer,fixed her computer about 50 times since last christmas and bunch of ****. Well...i am gonna go to the mall now and look for some blue fans for my computer. Peace


I may actually be insane.
Ooooh, make sure that they're really bright!!! Get some green ones too!! and some pink ones!! Having lights inside your PC case is REALLY cool!

(Disclaimer: the above post was raw sarcasm :p)

American Zombie

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TittleBitties said:
She called aol today and they took it off but now i cant get online anymore unless i get my mom to pay for it.
She probably told them you stole that ID/logon name from her.
Might have been worse though as she could have taken you to court for the money. :)


Dabba Dooba
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LOL...yeah right she would never do that to me she knew i would pay her back. Like i said she is like a second mother to me. She buys alcohol for us and caught me and my friends smoking weed and never told my mom.

Also...the lights are kew so nah :p

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