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On a week-end jaunt I needed to make a stop at one of those rest areas on
the side of the road. I went to the washroom. The first stall was taken so I
went to the second stall.

I'd just sat down when I heard a voice from the next stall...
"Hi there, how's it going?"

Now I'm not the type to strike up conversations with strangers in washrooms
on the side of the road. I didn't know what to say, but finally I said,
"...Not bad..."

Then the voice said, "So, what are you doing?" I thought that was kinda
weird, but I said, "Well, I'm just going to the bathroom, then I'm heading

The voice interrupted, "Look, I'm gonna have to call you back. Every time I
ask you a question, this idiot in the next stall keeps answering me!"


I'm sorry Hal...
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If I had a dime for every time that happened to me! ...

...I'd have nothing, and if I did it would be completly useless to me!:)


lol, pmsl :D Jewelzz it could only happen to you!!

I had a funny conversation at Xmas in the toilets of a nightclub, this guy came in dressed like an arab, he was trying to buy my date!! lol

I was gonna get camels, and god knows what else!!!
I heard a joke like that.

A good idea with something like that is to take some mustard and put it onto a piece of Toilet paper and then slide/drop it under the walls of the stall and then ask for the person next to you to pass it back.

I did have a strange experience in a restroom in Amsterdam Airport, but I would rather not say.

haha leave you all salivating there

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