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ooo printing. windows bitbucket????

does anyone know how to print to something like bit bucket in windows?
I want to route all documents that are going to the printer and building up in queue to go nowhere. to be deleted and never seen again

anyone know how?
oh i would love to.

idea is to get windows generic txt print driver. change output to bitbucket. recycle bin, and then just nuke on delete turned on. but cant find the driver to download and dont know where it is in window.

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C:\Windows\System32\drivers is where most are, you could always put the windows cd/dvd in the drive and tell it to look on there
got a question. if a printer is crated and a fake port is made that goes no where, you print to it and it disappears from the queue. does it just go away or is it put somewhere?

is it dumped somewhere on the system or in a log?

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