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Im trying to play mohaa on gamespy arcade but i cant, the problem is this:

game loads in and starts ok i connect to the server everythings fine till the game starts. when i press fire nothing happens untill about 20 seconds after then my gun will fire.also if i press forward ill move forward the n it stops by itself moves back to the original position waits and then moves forward.Im connected by modem.


Try connecting to a server via MoHAA's built in browser. You will probably get a better ping that way.


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a ping is the time information uses to and from a server.
also known as latency
lower ping - less lagg


Actually, ping is just the back and forth calculation. Latency is actually going to the server, the server "processing" the data, then spitting the info back at you.

I have not use GS arcade for years. I have been relly impressed with the All Seeing Eye .

It works great when you use the unregistered version, but for a little $ you can get actual pings, instead of calculated and an improved buddy finder. All in all its a quality server browser. Most importantly, no spam, no popups, no infantile chatrooms...


One more thing, after rereading your post. It sounds like you are suffering from packet loss. That game had a life span of 1 week for me, so I don't remember and varables, but is there a netgraph or lag-o-meter option in the config ( the on in the actual directory, not ingame) Try setting a value to "1" if there is. If its a netgraph, see if you have packet loss. If its a lagometer, I think packetloss is red? If your getting this, its a connection problem. To find out where the problem is, open the comand prompt and type in : tracert ip ( where ip is the actual server ip you are connecting to). It should give you a list of "hops" and times they take. If you get a few with high times, paste it to an emails and send it to your ISP. Could be a switching/routing problem.

And also, make sure your rates are adjusted to the correct modem. Don't have it set to cable if you have a dial-up.

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