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Onimusha 2 or The Thing?


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I dunno what to get? I liked the first Onimusha the story line, music, characters, and graphics. But I also want to get The Thing. I read a review on it and it got a high score. What the game is worth buying?
if you played Onimusha then why do you want to play O2?it's the same..go to blood with the Thing ;)
turn the lights off..and set your TV volume to HIGH.


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its the continuity... I am DEFINITELY going to buy halo2... why? because I played and finished halo and I like the continuity..

understand the argument though...

best thing is dl a demo of both... see which you like better and get it...



I have the Thing for xbox... its a great game so far. pretty challeneging game - for me atleast ;)

oh yes, def going to get halo 2 !

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