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One last thing with my Stupid VAIO PCV-RX450: Boot error


Complete Genius. . .
Yes, my stupid Vaio again. The only problem that I have now (as for all the other problems, thanks to all the smart people out there:)) is that whe I first boot the PC it has a black screen with the words "SONY" in it. That is fine. But it will come up to the Energy star, yatta yatta yatta. But then at the bottom, one line will come up with these words: "Hardware Monitor problem. Please check the hardware menu for more info. Press F1 to continue or F2 to go to the menu." I go to the menu, and nothing is there that can help me. I have gone to Sony, but those heavy-accented dudes wont tell me a dang thing. I have gone to a live chatroom, but they say send it in. Help. Please. I want to ditch the thing, but I has too much money into it.

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