Onboard Raid, How??


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Hi Guys,

Well I am now the proud owner of a Chaintech mobo with onboard RAID0\1. I have read the owners manual over a couple of time. There is in great detail how to setup the RAID in the BIOS and driver installation and such, but nowhere in the manual does it say how to hook up the HD's. The Mobo has three IDE ports (Primary, secondary, RAID). Which IDE ports do I hook up my two empty, non formatted 80 gig drives to? I am presuming that as long as I hook up 1 HD in the RAID IDE port, the whole set becomes a RAID setup. Could I be correct?

Thanks in advance.



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I think you need two drives of same make model and size

hook them up as master and slave I think, build the RAID Array with the bios menu thinger for the onboard RAID and away you go I think


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they don't have to be the same, raid will take the smallest drive size and double it ie 20gb & 80gb = 40gb raid 0

80 + 80 = 160gb raid 0

but you need 2 on the raid channel to make a raid array.


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Do you mean as in one master and one slave on IDE3? Or one master in either IDE1 or 2 and one Master in IDE 3? Please clarify.




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you have 1 raid channel that takes a 80 ribbon cable, you need to mount 2 drives from the single raid connector for the motherboard raid to work, your standard ide channels are not raidable. IDE3 is the raid channel forget about IDE 1 & 2 for RAID


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Just One more question, I guess.

Under "My Computer" will it show up as just one drive (C: ) ? Or will each drive in RAID 0 show up?



Raid0 is something I would'nt bother with - They say it's not true raid because it's not fault-tolerent, so if one drive dies you lose all data .. If you do use it make sure you back up your data ...


Im not 100% sure about this, but isn't there like no point using RAID0 on one channel? There would be almost no performance increase over standard ATA as only one hdd can get a command at a time. I used to have RAID 0, but it conflicted with my onboard sound and i switched back to standard ATA-100, and can't see too much difference.


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Originally posted by lechtard
Raid0 is something I would'nt bother with - They say it's not true raid because it's not fault-tolerent, so if one drive dies you lose all data .. If you do use it make sure you back up your data ...
there are several modes of raid, if you want fault tolerant u use raid 1 through 5 take your pick.

raid 0 is pure performace, runs twice as fast as a single drive, thats why it was named raid 0, you should look into raid a little more, it has a few uses, not just fault tolerance.


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Thats why I want to run RAID0 setup. Because of the speed. All my data and info is stored in my other compter.

Thanks Guys.



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RAID0 on a single channel master/slave setup will be a bit slower. I used software RAID on linux in that setup and it was PAINFULLY slow, though hardware RAID has no software overhead, so it may run OK. Try it out and see how it works.



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i have software raid running on 2 of my 30gb maxtors under xp, there on 1 channel on my ide card, i was susprised at my sisoft benchmark, it was twice as fast as the single in software mode, this actually outperformed a £300 raid card i used at my last job, gobsmacked was my original reaction, i never did try software raid on 2 seperate ide channels, mabey 1 day eh..

accesing the raid channel doesnt peak my cpu, infact it sits at 1-2% higher than none raid, when transfering files :)

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