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On Board VGA Gone

I was just trying to build another server out of bits and pieces i have lying around, this particular system was running a K-7, 128Mb Dimm, 20Gb Seagate, 48x LG Cdrom, Floppy.
The motherboard has nic, usb, vga, sound all on it. But i think the vga connection has somehow snapped, the connector can now move quite freely and i can see a broken solder on the on visable side.
I have a 3dfx PCI graphics card that i would like to use, but because the vga is broken i cant get into the Bios to make the change from On board to PCI, but of a problem i think you would agree :s

So my question is how do i get the PCI card functional. I cant see anything on the motherboard giving its name, all i see is a sis900 chip, the amibios and a chip with something like PCnext written on it, any ideas?
Sometimes there's a jumper on the mobo that select onboard or external graphics. Is it possible you have one? The problem might be finding it if you don't have the manual.

Soldering is an alternative too, as long as you're careful. ;)
the thing is the vga was working, then after a reboot the monitor does nothing. I can see a bit of snapped solder, but i have no idea what it is other than it being connected to the vga port. I can only see the bottom of the port because the top is hidden by the parallel port. I think im going to have to completely remove the motherboard just to try and obtain a better view.

i was looking for a jumper, but couldn't see one (because of the lack of a manual). Im thinking it will be probably best to remove the mainboard and have a closer look. If its easy to get a gun in there then i may just re-solder it. But before i try anything im going to need to have another look for a model/manufacturer just to try and be a bit more precise.

thanks :)
If you're lucky it's just one pin or so on the connector that has come loose. But yes, you need to remove the mobo to solder it.

Hope you get it working! :)

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