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On a hot date


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This is more of a visual joke, but you can follow along.

A man went on a date with a woman who he had been trying to impress for a long time. While at the resteraunt he got up to use the bathroom, sitting on the toilet reading the wisdom on the walls he realised that there was no TP. He reached under the stall to his left, no TP there. And under the stall to his right, none there either. He opened the door, there were no paper towels, and nothing in site.

Not knowing what else to do he started reading the walls again. There was a hole drilled in the side stall and writing around it that read.
"Real men don't use toilet paper, the wipe with a finger and scrape it off in here-->"
Thinking about it he decides that he cannot do anything else, and after all he can wash his hands. He reaches around and wipes up with his pointer finger. Pulling it from behind he looks at the mess on it and almost vomits. He reaches up, puts his finger in the hole.......

and before he can scrape it off something pokes the end of his finger hard.

What normal reaction do you have when our finger gets poked?

Put it in your mouth.

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