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Omniquad Firewall

I had never heard of it.

Looking at it it looks like a rip off of Zonealarm.

It appears to have a pretty basic feature set but in the freeware market thats not necessarily a bad thing.

With the less known (it may only be me that heard of it) security products i tend to urge people to test them and be sure that they are sound before adopting them. Its always nice to have a time tested and well knowen vendor with security products.


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Thanks Enyo. My Kerio 4 Firewall, doesn't always load the Taskbar Icon at start up, even though the programme loads. Looking at msconfig, there is no signs of the programme loading, even though it has.

Trying to bring the Kerio Configuration page up just tells me that it is already running.

With Sygate I have trouble with my Outlook mail, which I think is caused by my Anti Virus. I'll leave Omniquad running on one of my computers and see how it goes.

Just a little point, I sent an e-mail to Omniquad asking some details about the free Firewall, and I got an almost immediate reply, which is not bad for a free programme.

Perris Calderon

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kerio is using it's service to autostart with windows

if you want to dissable autostart, set the service to manual



into your run, then find the service


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Thanks Dealer. It was running in services, but the Taskbar Icon wasn't loading, so I had no way to configure.

I have followed your advice, and set to manual, then put a shortcut on the desktop. Selecting this shortcut starts the Firewall, and of course puts the Icon into the Taskbar. I still cannot see why the Icon wasn't loading automatically in the first place though.

Perris Calderon

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I think windows might be hiding the icon

right cl ick the taksbar, go to properties...make sure there is no check in the hide icons box

Perris Calderon

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anyway, if that's not it, then search this site for the great free program I posted called "netrun"

you just drag whatever you want to launch whenever you are on the net, and netrun launches it for you automatically...this is one of my favorite programs


OSNN Senior Addict
Thanks again Dealer, I had checked to make sure the Icon wasn't hidden. I have found others on the Kerio Forum that are having the same prtoblem, so perhaps Kerio will fix it on the next update.

I'll check out Netrun!

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