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OMG, speaking of wireless broadcast range

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Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Given someone's mention of getting into their neighbors wireless, some might find this funny. Anyhow, the network security teacher was telling us here about how he ended up broadcasting his home wireless network all over the place :D

Anyhow, he's got a small dish on his roof, with a 30 dB amplifier or something of that sort... So, hooks his wireless router up to the thing, and the thing is accessible 17 miles away :suprised: Speaking of leaving things open :eek:
I'm interested in making or buying a small dish and broadcasting my signal - there's a large park about a mile away where I want to bring a laptop to and surf the web. :) I know nothing about wireless security but I'd just enable MAC filtering, that should keep it OK from a distance, no?

Maybe you can ask him to make me a dish :D

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
I dont think youd be able to connect, you will be able to detect but you laptop wont be able to send a strong enough signal. At least I think thats how it goes.
Actually just post his city and we can go have a LAN party...

Admiral it depends on if his antenna has an amplifier on the transmit and receive.

We'll all take wind surfers just in case.

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Well, he had used a laptop at a remote side to connect. The dish upon his house does have amplification though...

kcnychief said:
Maybe you can post his address and we can go have a LAN party :)
I'm not sure if I should relay this or not. But I was laughing a bit when I was reading some of the replies here... (Lecture's been over, we've been trying to run certain tools which I guess I shall leave nameless, which are "vulnerability assesement tools", in attempting to scan, erm test the network) :D :laugh:

So I told him he's gotta see this one. He had one reply...

the teacher said:
This is my reply. Bite me :)


hardware monkey
holy crap, this forum moves slow. sorry, i'm used to my other one that moves a whole page in a couple hours. :nervous:


Folding Master!
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Taurus said:
wouldn't using a dish send the signal out only in one narrow direction?
He must go to the park to enjoy it and that is the anly place he wants the signal to go.


Electronica Addict
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Taurus said:
holy crap, this forum moves slow. sorry, i'm used to my other one that moves a whole page in a couple hours. :nervous:
It's alright, it was just confusing when you see such an old thread being bumped ;)

Seeing as the original poster is no longer around...

Thread closed.
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