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old yeller

Perris Calderon

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I think this is the first book that ever brought tears to my eyes.

just read it again, man, I guess I'm a softy.

somebody read this book and tell me if it brought a tear to your eyes.

It'll take all of 20 minutes to read
The part where the mother cleans the leaves and dirt and pushes back in his intestines made me shiver...and so I remember it from third grade still :p

I thought Where the Red Fern Grows was better...you softee :D


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Old yeller, come back yeller, the best dang gone dog in the west ... I used to love that movie. I always found it quite amusing that the family who played it was the same family who played in Swiss Family Robinson, minus the father.

Evil Marge

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Never heard of it but have seen "Where the Red Fern Grows" which nick mentioned,that was sad :cry: Although so was The Champ :eek:

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