Old School Craving for a Dreamcast


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6 Dec 2003
I was in the basement yesterday and decided to unpack my Sega Dreamcast.
I haven't played it in quite some time because I believe the GD-Rom is kicking the bucket. while playing a game it just dies. :cry: anyway......

I hooked it up and started the play all my favorites. Crazy Taxi 2 through NFL 2k2 , Soul Caliber. I have about 15 great games for it. after playing for about 2 or 3 hours. it finally died. I already know about the fixes for the overheating problems, but alas, the poor bastard kicked the bucket. now here comes my fun story... The Sega Dreamcast still today is a super gaming system, I love it!. So what did I do??.......

I went to ebay and was able to find a brand new one!!!! woooowhooooo!! :)
I payed $65.00 I should have it soon. I think its worth it. even in the age of the next-gen systems, which I own a PS3. I believe it still hold its own even after its short life. :)

I just wanted to share my joy...w00t


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29 Sep 2003
Yeah still got my Dreamcast (played it yesterday in fact). It's the best console since the NES, which was only bested by the Intellivision II. :)


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1 Sep 2004
A friend just game me and my wife a Gamecube, with crazy taxi and some others, now she wants Rayman cause she used to play it and smoke pot. Mebey my wife is gonna score me some sticky.


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7 Jan 2004
Man, need to find a copy of Seaman. That game was so annoying but so great at the same time, you can't help but love it when you're away. Actually, what ever happened to the supposed sequel Seaman 2. Rumors had Lindsey Lohan as the voice of a possible female character while having Nemoy playing the male.


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19 May 2003
Nice buy! Dreamcast is the best system that ever didn't make it. Also, if you want to play in the meantime, I highly recommend nullDC emulator. It's surprisingly really, really good.

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