oh my, new toy... again.


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Well, working does have its perks and getting your first payslip is very very tempting. So what does one do? He buys a mac... again.

Cant say im overly excited, I owned a iBook G4/800 a while back and it was of a good spec (40Gb Drive, BT, AE and 640Mb Ram - none of which was standard at that time) but i can say im very looking forward to Tiger. My dad has my old iBook and i installed Tiger for him, so i have seen the basics such as spotlight, dashboard and automator, but i have never actually been able to take the time to explore it much.

Will be interesting to see the changes, if any to the current 1.33GHz iBooks to my old 800MHz. Physically i dont think there are any, but performance wise and perhaps hardware vendor changes (if any) might make a difference.

Anywho, will get back to you in a week :)

edit - and please don't start with the, "you should have waited off for the x86 based systems" because quite frankly i dont like the idea. :p


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Should of saved your money on the ram sean. You can get a 1GB dimm from crucial for £104 including VAT. Would of gave 1.5GB in total.


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Yeah, i remembered about that after the order was placed. But saying that, £799 is still a good price for that as far as im concerned. This will mainly be a general purpose lappie with my desktop taking over graphics and becoming the main family desktop.

Also something i need to do is look into all the software that is available again. Anything thats a "must-have" in your opinion?


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Depends what you're going to be using it for. My /Applications/ is pretty bare really.

If you need an app that does something in particular though, just ask, and I'll give you my recommendation.

The only app I'd definitely recommend is Quicksilver, I can't use my Macs without it now :)


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I tried quicksilver, could not get used to using it. So i went back to without it. My /Applications/ is stock :p. Except Firefox, and MSN Messenger. And a must have is VLC.

Besides that, if you have Airport, maybe a scanner to find open networks. I don't really have any tools i am missing. But then again, i am a unix junky, and do most of my stuff on the command line anyways.


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SPeedY_B said:
Depends what you're going to be using it for.
...The only app I'd definitely recommend is Quicksilver, I can't use my Macs without it now :)
Well generally it will be used for browsing (Safari), chatting (iChat AV / IRC), a little coding (SubEthaEdit / XCode) and anything else that springs to mind. I will probably grab kismac just because I can, and probably shapeshifter just because i bought a license for it a year ago... it probably wont get used as i love the stock Tiger look.

As for quicksilver, did I read it right. Is it similar to a desktop search tool (ala spotlight) only for run commands? Sounds ok, but i dont know whether it would be of much use to me simply because i like to hunt for things, but perhaps it will be usefull for once i start filling up the 40Gb drive :p

X-Istence said:
And a must have is VLC.
Yeah, i make sure that is one of the first applications i install on any system. :)


I may actually be insane.
I use QuickSilver as an app launcher, my dock is virtually empty. I just hit Command-Space when I want to open something, as it's learnt the apps I mostly open, I usually only need to hit the first one or two letters.

As for KisMac, if you're only using AirPort Extreme, it's too powerful and not very stable (I use it with AE and a PrismII USB device) I'd recommend AirStumbler for just quickly locating networks with AE.

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