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Oh geez


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I think I may have a problem ahead, sometimes when I am sitting here doing nothing that uses the hard drive on my computer I hear a loud click, sometimes it causes my computer to reboot, is this a hard drive probelm, or do you think it is something else? :confused:
lol yea good timing... i'd say that it's over-heating but if you say shutdown then i guess not, coz if it over-heats it forces a reboot, check the temperature


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I have two 80mm fans blowing over my two hdd's, so I dont know if heat is an issue, but would that cause it to click so loud?


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What is the best way to copy my current drive contents(including windows) to another hdd? I am using MAxBlast3 right now, but I dont know if that will copy all my windows files over so that I can boot off of the second harddrive as if nothing happend.......Will it work?

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
You can use xcopy to backup your system to the other drive.

What operating system are you using, ram, etc?

That clicking you here could just be the power supply going off/on.


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I am using Windows XP Pro, 1GB RAM, Athon 64 3500+, BFG 6800 GT, 2x60GB hdd, Asus A8V Deluxe, Audigy 2, And the PSU is a Antec NeoPower 480, It was a very expensive psu so I am hoping that it is not the problem. Do you have any ideas as to how to test it?
You dont want to use xcopy to backup an os such that it is bootable, you want to aquire yourself a copy of Acronis TrueImage.

As to testing the psu plug a different one in and se what happens...

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