Office 2007 section/sub-section?


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I know there are probably not a lot of people using Office 2007 yet, but perhaps we should have a section or sub-section to be able to disuss features/gripes/best practices/etc?

I've been gone a while so I may be talking about something that's already present or being worked on ;)

If that's the case, simply ignore :cool:


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I think it would be a good idea - and I've been using it for quite some time now and love it

*hugs Office 2007* ;)


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I also think the forums need new descriptions *cough*

And that Windows Customization Customisation should be renamed and moved *cough*
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I'm all for it :) Maybe it will lead me being able to view gamespot, pixmania, dabs, ebuyer, komplett, ocuk, dell, etc html newsletters properly :D
I use it now for my AS coursework and the presentation tools for use on screenshots is amazing,was told very good presentation on the deconstruction of the cover and contents page I photoshoped, on Vista itself


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You lazy git :cool:

So, if yer chillin, having a beer, where's the invite to the party?


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Never realised you guys started this thread. lol.
Think 'Office Suite' or 'Productivity' title will do fine. I'm sure there will always be a small group of people who prefer to install Open Office or MS Office 2000 on their computers still. :)


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I use Open Office, soooo, I can't really give an objective opinion. But... if it were tittled "Productivity Software/Business Software AKA Office, Office Suite, Open Office..." (or something to that effect, after a vote on the tittle :p) that could work. Not a sub-section but a main section. If you encompass the different ones and not just one into this section. We could all post question to that section where everything would be more centralized. Less searching, more direct. It would be easier to control and answers could be seen more readily by all. Hmmm, I guess I do have an objective opinion. ;)
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Office Suite or maybe Productivity Suite. Then we could talk about MS Office, Open Office, the Google Suite perhaps and iWork.

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