Office 2000 - XP Passwording

I have a word document that was password protected in Office XP, but now how Office 2K installed. The password encryption is different. I know I have the correct password, but it will not open. How can I get this file open without reinstalling Office XP?

I have tried changing the file extention to .rtf and it is still protected. I have also tried to open it with wordpad (error'd out).

Thanks for any advice...

well if you have the password.. .copy the file to disk and find a machine with office xp on it.. but I dont see how this can be. the password files should be able to open on office 2k or office xp...
yep, that would probably be the easiest way. I know this is the problem. XP actually uses a different encryption than 2k. I ran into this before and i just slapped on xp to fix it in a hurry, but i just reimaged my machine and it has 2k on it, so i thought i would see if there was a way to fix it.