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Office 12 Beta 1 -- Possible Release Dates


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A Microsoft blogger commented on a Microsoft Partner program called “Information Worker”. Microsoft are calling partners to complete and achieve the “Information Worker (IW) Solutions Competency” by November 1st, 2005. This will enable them to gain access to Microsoft Office 12 Beta 1. Partners will have to complete the “Information Worker (IW) Solutions Competency” by November 1st, 2005.
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NetRyder said:
Nice! I'd like to beta test this. Office 12 Beta running on Vista Beta. :D
Hehe, looking at the "potential" release dates, Office 12 will be out right after Vista Beta 2. This assuming Beta 2 comes out around November of this year, and potentially Office 12 coming out a little after.


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Hey NetRyder, looks like you may get a peek at PDC...

Microsoft on Tuesday announced that its 2005 Professional Developers Conference, which begins September 13 in Los Angeles, has completely sold out. The four day event will give developers a long-awaited taste of Windows Vista and a look at the next release of Microsoft Office, code-named Office 12.
Source: Betanews
Yeah, there are a number of sessions on Office 12. Will have to see how to schedule everything. There seem to be some overlaps at the moment. Hate it when that happens - two sessions on the same day at the same times, and you want to go for both of them. :p

But yeah, expect a blog with reports and pictures like last time. :)

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