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offer remote assistance problem


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Hi all,I tried doing a search on a problem i have on offering remote assistance but i havent been successfull at all and I am new to all this stuff so please bear with me.
The problem im facing that I cant resolve is that I keep getting this message at the Offer Remote Assistance window when I try to connect after typing in the IP address of my client computer: "Access to the requested resource has been disabled by your administrator".

Here's what I've already done:
  • I just installed server 2003 on the server computer and windows xp sp2 on the the client computer.
  • I enabled offer remote assistant on both server and client computers in the MMC group policy snap in and added the correct domain\username in the helpers window.
  • I also made sure that port 3389 was opened.
  • I also made sure port 135 was opened as well.
  • Both Server and client computers are part of the same domain.
The thing is, I could offer Remote Assistance from my client computer to the server, but I cant connect from server to client and I get that "Access to the requested resource has been disabled by your administrator"message. What resource has been disabled? how can I enable it? I've been trying to figure this out for sometime and Im sure its something really simple. If anyone has any idea how i can resolve this issue, I would really appreciate it thanks!


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are you just trying to do a reemote connection? because there are many different ways of doing it. use Remote Desktop. easy to setup.

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