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Odd IE occurance


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When I went to bed last night the only programs I had running were Oulook, IRC and my IRC bot (Darkbot), I woke up this morning to 12 IE window open, all spam, mostly porn sites.
Can anyone explain this, has it happen to anyone else?

SPeedY_B: don't tell me to use Mozilla :p I've tried it, it sucks!! NTFS was totally messed up with Mozilla.


I may actually be insane.
Originally posted by Jewelzz

Jerk! :p
:p :p :happy: :p :p
ok, sensible answer now ...

I think if it happens again, you could always check your process list (Right click task bar > Task Manager) and see if you have anything running, like some spyware or something.
There mite be something that another app has installed that you dont know is running..

But of course, their is always Mozilla ;)

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It either spyware like Speedy_B said (if it happens once again check the process b4 you close the IE windows) , or outlook.
Did you get any HTML spam mail?


Hi Jewelzz. First thing I'd do is run SpyBot (if you are new to the utility, for now just delete the items it identifies that it lists in RED

Second, I'd think twice about leaving an irc client open all night. Perhaps is just my paranoia, but then again I don't tend to be paranoid ;) While it may have nothing to do with the current situation, in the long run.......

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