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odd CPU speed

i have an asus a7s8x-mx motherboard with an AMD 2400 Sempron

ok normaly we will set the FSB on hte board for this CPU at 166 to equal a total CPU speed of 1.667ghz and it always worked like that with a locked mutlyplyer

we have the same setup now with anouther system but it wont get to the proper speed with out the FSB being set at 200mhz, which is odd since i thought they didnt make a socket A 400MHZfsb Sempron chip.

i dont know why its like this but can someone possably give some ideas?

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Is it running at higher clock then you expect? Is it running stable there?

Alternatively, if you have PC 400 DDR, there are multiple ways to get the proper clock (and auto-detection in the BIOS could be chosing another combination), but that would necessitate altering the multiplier. I'd have to check to see if the Semperon's are really multiplier locked. I know the AXPs were...

BTW, if you mean that the CPU clock is *lower* and it's chosing 200 MHz DDR (100 MHz * both clock edges) I had a bit of a problem with that on my current board. It would run my AXP 1900+ at 1.2 GHz instead of 1.6... Not sure why the BIOS would auto-detect there, but just adjusted it to get the right CPU clock (which I knew it would support) outa the thing...

I don't know that AMD ever did this, but sometimes Intel would downclock their part and label (for instance a P120 as a P90)... It would happen if they had too many CPUs that ran at the higher clock and wanted to sell more at the lower clock... Never heard that AMD did that, but on-board auto-detection would go by what it gets from the chip, not the box...


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You could check the CPU multiplier to see if it's the same. If the multiplier is less, then the FSB speed would have to go higher to acheive the same speed. Even though you say that the multiplier is locked, I would look into that.

Load CPU-Z onto each system and post screen shots of the "CPU" tab screen so we can see the FSB and Multiplier settings.

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