October 2004 Desktop Screen Shots

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Once again, all this and more direct from the Khayman Chronicals. :p

So get busy with yer bad self.

Desktops galore, lets have some more ;p.

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Now here be my DT for the Octoberfest... Carryover from end of September. :)

WindowBlinds4... Theme... ThunderStorm

Icons... FOOODS iCandy Jr, Simple iCons 3, 4 for XP

Imaging Proggy... Paint Shop Pro 9

Wallpaper... Aztlan

click 'em and take the journey


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wadada said:
mm nice icons, gotta find them :cool:

What would you like? I can post them for ya when me gets home. :)

I save all my icon files I download. They be all zipped too. :D


I'm Beginning Somehow...
Hehehe.... Yeah I know... Sorry gonaads :eek: ............... :sigh:

Anyway, Back on topic!! :D Come-on people where are the SS's ?


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Now I feel complete.

I'm blue (da ba dee da ba dum) I'm blue (da ba dee da ba dum) I'm blue (da ba dee da ba dum) I'm blue (da ba dee da ba dum) :D

OS: Windows XP Pro SP2
Visual Style: W9DProm
Wallpaper: Aero Slate
Icons: Equal
Desktop Widgets:
- AveDesk 1.1: FTP Drop widget 'Aero Compact'
- AveDesk 1.1: Battery charge monitor
- Rainlendar 'Aero'


funky dredd

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Woah funky dredd .. The background, Post it man.. I'm a huge fan of those kinda walls... :)
I'll post it in the morning...I'm on the laptop right now and I don't want to go in the other room and risk waking up my son :eek:
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