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OCing AMD/Intel - Post your specs



Im a big OCer and was interested in see who has and what they have gotten it up to. Post your CPU settings from bios and MEM settings also. Mine is as followed...

P4 2.4B on a ASUS P4PE Bios 1002
OCed to 2.77 Cooled with a Vantec AeroFlow settings are all default (ex. Volts) except running it at 154.
Corsair XMS 3500 Set at 2-3-3-6 Running @ 411 MHZ

Current Temps on Idle:

CPU 30c
MB 28c

Max Load:
CPU 38c
MB 29c


AMD XP2100 (1733Mhz) @ 2505Mhz
Epox 8RDA+ 3129 bios - 1.9 v-core
Dangerden Watercooling on CPU & NB
Corsair XMS 3200C2 Set at 2-2-3-3 Running @ 417 MHZ

CPU Load = 45c
CPU Idle = 38c



Originally posted by sboulema
anyone have a link where i can get info bout overclocking my pentium3 450 mhz?
First question is what Motherboard do you have. That will determine how high and where you can be directed.
hmm thats a problem i dont know hat mobo i have :( never got any document s with my pc about my mobo. Any way i can find it out without opening my case?


Download CPU-Z and install it. The when you run the .exe file under the Mainboard tab it should give you info on your board and maker as seen on mine Here
CPU: AthlonXP 2000+ at 1725MHz. 138FSB x 12.5

I would go higher but I fear harddrive corruption... call me paranoid. :)
Unlocking my CPU would do no good because my mobo can only adjust this setting up to 12.5x.

Temps: ~33° idle / ~38° full load when room temp is about 70-72°F using an SLK800 HS with a YS tech adj speed 80mm fan.

Mem: Corsair XMS PC3200LL Matched pair @ 266MHz CAS2 1T

266? because I get better performance with a syncronous CPU/mem bus than I do when setting the mem to 333. I know PC3200 is higher than I need, but i wanted to reduce its obsolescense.
Go to your MB manufacturers web site and downlaod the .pdf manual. All the info is in there usually...

Unfortunately you have a compaq. The big three Dell, HP, Compaq usually try to make overclocking impossible so they don't have warantee issues. You'd be better off with a generic motherboard or a brand name one from the MB makers.
Getting a new mobo/CPU for your Compaq may work, but make sure it will fit and the power supply is up to it. In my experience, the power supplies in those OEMs are good for what is currently in the box, but don't have too much extra juice for upgrades.
CPU: AMD XP 2400+ (2GHz default) now running at 2171MHz w/ 334FSB 167*13.0 would go higher, but i am going water cooling in a week, so i will push it then.

Cooling: i user a thermaltake volcano 7+ running at 6026RPM.
CPU Temp:
*these temps are really high right now, they usually are 100 for CPU and 70 for mobo

Mem: 2x512MB OCZ PC2700 ram rev 3.2 at CAS 2.5

more on my main box


Originally posted by sboulema
hmmm ok :( planning to buy a new cpu and mobo soon, so doesnt matter. would have been nice to overclock this one till iget my new one.
As scriptasylum said your probaly going to run into that problem. Those vendors are the worse. Most of the time they throw a 250-300 watt power supply in those boxes. Also i bet your other items such as Video card and ethernet/modem might be intergrated on the board.

I had a friend do the same thing for a gateway...by the end of the week he had bought everything new as he found out the new MB wouldnt fit in the older case, PS was not compatible and so on and so on.

Word of advice, place your buying. Check the MB out that are the best for OCing. Ive never used anything else besides ASUS boards.

For good support on them and help OCing them you can go to www.asusboards.com for help.


CPU: Celeron Tualatin 1.1A
Motherboard: Aopen AX34-U
Memory 256+128mb of Kingston PC133

Overclock: 1540mhz (140fsb x 11) with 1.675 volts
Memory timings: 140mhz @ 2-2-3-5

Cpu/System temps:
Idle - 30/32
Load - 34/36

Cooling: Cooljag 656A


Must be dreaming...
CPU: AMD XP 2100+ Thoroughbred (1733MHz)
Motherboard: Epox 8RDA+
Cooling: Stock AMD cooler
Memory: 2 * 256Mb of Nanya DDR-333 RAM (running at 2.5-3-3-7, 166MHz fsb)

Overclocked to 2400+ speeds (close to 2GHz, 166fsb * 12).
CPU Temps are as follows (read with MBM):
Idle: 37°C
Load: 42°C

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