Obsessed with Rammstein!


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Ok I started listening to this group about three weeks ago now.

I initially started to listen to Rammstein: Live aus Berlin, but my sister-in-law got me Reise, Reise, which is awesome, but two weeks ago i bought Mutter and i just can’t stop listening to it, my favorite song on the album is Spieluhr, just the whole way it’s played out, I just cant explain my fascination with this band.

I used to feel this way about U2, but to feel like this about a band i don't even know the lyrics to is to me insane.

Anyone else listen to them and know what I’m on about.




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I know what you are talking about, similar sort of thing has happened to me recently with Flunk and Marilyn Manson. I still love Rammstein though, Herzeleid is a great album


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I like their brand of industrial rock. I can't listen to them for long periods of time though. They were under a lot of flack a couple of years ago - Subliminal messages and such, seeing that all the music except for maybe two of them were in German, How can you tell ??


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HAHA Johnny are you serious, the fact i cant understand them means they can influence me with words, and i honestly don't think there music is that hard.

NIN, would take that crown. :)


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hell yash and they have some awesome videos too. i started on them back in the populasrity of Du hast in the us. Still love to crank them up.
As far as I'm aware I have all their stuff as mp3 or atleast the bulk of their catalogue.



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Yeah i love them

Just got a dvd last night that has all their videos on it. cant remember what its called.
Rammstein are awesome, and I know exactly how you feel! I get into my car to go to work, listen to an mp3 cd with various things on it for a while, then just have to get my daily dose of Godsmack. I just cannot go a day without listening to at least one Godsmack song, if not the whole Faceless album!


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dont get me wrong i like godsmack but there stuff blends together way to much. everything sounds the same hehe.


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Rammstein put on the most awesome concert I have ever been to. The lead singer lit himself on fire and dance around the stage! The bass guitarist put his guitar through an amp rigged with explosives. They had lightning rods lining the stage. More pyro than a 4th of July celebration. The coolest effect was when the lights were out and the drummer started on a single snare... They had a yellow spot light up under the clear drum head, and had a water spicket with water pouring onto the top of the drum. The effect made it look like acid was burning from the drum. It was amazing! I have seen a lot of bands, never any that put on nearly the show that Rammstein did. I got to see them at the first concert they ever held in the US where they were allowed to use pyrotechnics. Their shows are so over the top that they had always been banned in the past. You don't ever want to miss this band in concert if you get the chance!


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yeah..... Rammstein does rule quite a bit. some nice bass for my jeep. videos are kinda creepy too. think it's the one for Links 2-3-4 where they show like an ant farm.... love that video

Un4Given1, sounds nice..... but that snare drum part..... yah...... so sounds like they copied that directly from the Blue Man Group. they do that quite a bit depending on what kinda mood they seem to be in. has a nice bit of it on the Complex Rock Tour Live DVD. they also have a section they showed on TV called Paint Drumming that you could probably find on Kazaa or somethin.... possibly even find it by google'n it.


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ED: I saw them about 5-6 years back.. They have done that for years on top of that. I don't think they copied it. Besides, BMG uses paint, not water and lights :)


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well it doesn't seem like they are going to be touring the USA this year, only have dates for Europe right now.

We'll have to wait and see.


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actually i think BMG uses dye'd water. using watercolor paints would...... just kinda be a waste... and regular old paint wouldn't splash into the air that well or mix very well/fast (like it does in the Paint Drumming bit). still awesome to watch though.

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