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O/C an 4200



Does anyone know of a program to unlock the nvidia based overclocking utility in the display properties box...,
any help will be helpful,
if you need more info ask


Well a better question would be what is the proper way to o/c a 4200,.... program wise and any extra info on how to get the most out of this card


hardware monkey
i attached coolbits. just use that for driver-based overclocking. no reason to use anything else, imo.

start by moving the "core clock frequency" up by 5mhz and run a minute-long benchmark. look for artifacts, lock ups, or strange behavior. if everything looks okay, go up another 5mhz.

once something looks funny or acts different, back it down 5 or 10mhz. that's your core limit. next move on to memory. }:>
power strip is the most popular, coolbits is a little reg addon. i would reccomend powerstrip for any person who wants to overclock with a GeFroce card.


yes Gainward Golden Sample 4200 128meg ...i think Golden Sample is a kind of pick of the litter deal ...only the best chips get the GS stamp
i've had mine at 300/550 for over 24hrs and it was doing ok. I havent tried setting it higher than that, due to it is good to go at those settings. I maybe will try to increase some more and see what go from there. btw, mine isnt a gainward.


hardware monkey
andre... if it really has 3.3ns memory, you're guaranteed to be able to push your memory to 600mhz. anything after that is experimental:

2000 / 3.3 = 600

and jz, my 3dmark project is in my sig if you want to compare.
what is the best program to do a benchmark and do i have to keep powerstrip running when i overclock my geforce 2 and go play games???

and what do you think is the maximum to go for a geforce 2 440mx 64 mb


hardware monkey
if you have any nvidia-based card, use coolbits! i don't understand why people insist on using powerstrip because it's a third-party program that must remain running in the background. coolbits, on the other hand, is merely a simple registry key (104 bytes) that unlocks nvidia's own overclocking utility which is inside the drivers. no other programs running in the background.

just install the reg key, restart, and go into your driver settings and there will be a "clock frequencies" tab for your enjoyment. have fun.
need a little help here. i used the coolbits thingie and i restarted and i dont see the new tab :( does it has to do something with the detonators? im using the 30.82

da rock

i've got my albratron ti4200p turbo 128MB @310/650 running stable.3dmark score is 10,598 w/ an xp2000 and 512 mbs 2100 ddr.

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