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Nvidia SLI

Hello, I have thought about it and have decided to try the Nvidia SLI but I need some help. Im not sure how this works really. Do I need to get 2 PCI-Express Geforce video cards or 1 PCI-Express and 1 AGP? Also, how are the cards connected? Would I need to buy a extra piece or would it come with one of the cards or motherboard? The little demo they have here on this page http://nvidia.com/page/sli.html near the bottom shows something connecting the 2 cards togeather. Could you guys help me pick out a SLI Motherboard with 4 Ram Slots that is for AMD, and a AMD processor that would work best with a SLI setup. And also help me to pick out the 2 Geforce cards I am going to be putting in the machine. I would like to get the Geforce 6800 Ultra but there are so many different companies that make it I dont know which is reliable. So, I need help picking out the Motherboard, Processor and 2 Graphic Cards that will get me a SLI setup. Thanks


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Well for SLI you need 2 video cards. There is AGP SLI, and PCI-E SLI, PCI-E SLI being the most prevelent as I think support for AGP SLI died. But you would need 2 PCI-E slots and 2 PCI-E vid cards. The SLI bridge shoudl be included with the SLI capable mobo.
Ok thanks Maveric169, Dont happen to know the best Mobo for AMD that is SLI capable do you? Would like it to have 4 ram slots and also is there any certain AMD processor that may be best for SLI? I have read that SLI puts alot on the processor?? Dont know for sure though.


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Not off the top of my head, but I think Tom Hardware and AnandTech recently did artiles on SLI mobo. You can also check out the big 3 ASUS, Gigabyte, and Abit websites.


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Maveric169 said:
Well for SLI you need 2 video cards. There is AGPSLI,and PCI-E SLI, PCI-E SLI being the most prevelent as I thinksupport forAGP SLI died. But you would need 2 PCI-E slots and 2 PCI-Evid cards.The SLI bridge shoudl be included with the SLI capablemobo.
I think you have been misinformed. There is no form of SLI withAGP.Even though AGP 3.0 specs allow for more than one AGP port onamotherboard, no such motherboards have been designed or releasedforthe desktop.

To answer the original posters question. SLI is only feasable with PCIexpress setups that have two PCI Express graphics port. Including theGigabyte 3D1 card which has 2 6600GT cards in one card in some formofSLI connection (sharing the 16X PCIE lanes at 8X PCIE lanes each).


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Your right, I ment to say PCI SLI and PCI-E SLI. PCI SLI is no longer being offered from what I can tell, not that it would make much sence to go PCI route nowdays anyway.
Aye Luna, that is the board I am getting. What I need to know though iswill I have enough room to put 2 of the Leadtek Geforce 6800 GT side byside there. That card is big and I dont want to get then they not beable to fit beside each other. Also if anyone has a SLI setup and dontmind answering a few questions of mine can you respond here or PM me?THanks


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well.... don't see why it wouldn't work in SLI. i mean... why on earth would a company make a card that's SLI-able.... and not be able to fit 2 of them into the space given?
Ok thanks guys, ill check and see what they recommend. Also to anyone that has a SLI setup a couple questions. When you go to upgrade your drivers for your video card will it automatically update them both at same time or do you have to update each one seperately? And I saw on the site that every game doesnt not work with SLI so does that mean I will have to update the drivers everytime they make it so another game will work or will it just know? Also if there is anything else you could tell me that would help me out please do so. I am very new to this. Thanks
well.... about the driver updates... they have nothing to do with hardware. installing drivers just allows the OS to work with the hardware. So, when you would install the drivers, it would detect 2 video cards, not just one.

About the games, there's a list of games on one of the NVidia websites i believe. not sure how new games supporting it would be handled....

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