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nvidia helps out cells

Everytime I think of cellphone gaming, I think N-Gage.

Oh well, let's see what they can come up with now...still quite silly, in my opinion.

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Naughty, naughty, nVidia helping out Cell. I thought I defeated that monster :D

Seriously though, for them it's arguably a good business move...expanding into new markets. As long as they can keep up with the demand... It's a strategy many Japanese companies have been engaged in for some time. For instance a company (Mitsubishi) which makes cars, can also make electronics and products in other industries altogether. They've arguably taken this to a degree nVidia has not thus far.

Now crazy (and also scarey) would be this


Will Microsoft be able to find a kamikaze employee willing to test embedded Windows NT in his or her pacemaker? That's one of the key issues that arise from a leaked announcement today. To be fair, Microsoft hasn't asked for kamikaze volunteers yet. But it is trying to suggest that Windows CE is for embedded operating systems in consumer devices, while devices for grown-ups require NT.

...Integrated Systems Inc have been making embedded operating systems such as pSOSystem and pOSEK for around 20 years, and the company has some 35 million installed, including in pacemakers, lottery terminals, set-top boxes, lottery terminals, and petrol pumps...
Somehow, I'm not sure I would want embeded Windows in a pace maker or life support device, if I were relying on it. The term BSOD would also seem in bad taste, if something went wrong :eek:

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