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nvidia geforce 6800 vga "screams" when I try to install


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I have a Dell dimension 4600 computer. I'm upgrading my computer, but I've never done this before. I'm trying to install a new graphics card. I bought a "VGA Apollo N AGP 6800 128-RD R" card. I removed my old graphics card and installed this new one (it was easy) but after I turn my computer on - it started screaming! It emitted a non-stop high pitched squeel. My computer does not appear to come up but I cannot tell because my monitor remains black.
I've removed it and reinstalled it but the same thing keeps happening. I finally removed it and put my old graphics card back in.
Anyone have any idea what causes this? (I'm not very computer suavy- so please use small words)
1) Did you check if your power supply can support a high performance graphics card? For a 6800 at least 350W preferably 400W. Also, most newer cards require a direct connection to one of the 4 pin power supply connectors. One of the reasons Dell (and other comp makers) charge a lot for video card upgrades is because they have to upgrade the power supply also. The slower video cards use a lot less pwoer.

2) Did you follow the instructions and uninstall the old card in windows device manager before attempting to install the new card?

3) Make sure the new card was properly seated in the AGP slot. Sometimes the rear panel bracket prevents seating the card completely.

4) It could be a driver conflict, unlikely. If you see the bios POST screen this is not the issue.

5) The card could be bad. Unlikely, most returns are incorrect installations.


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More help please:

1.) how do I check to see what the power supply is? (I'm new at this)

2.) The instruction that came with the new card were #@$!& bad! (it said nothing about uninstalling the old one and the instructions for installing the new one were horrible) Do I uninstall the old card before I even physically put the new one in?

3.) It's seated properly

4.) I have no Idea what a "bios POST screen" is.

Thanks so much for your reply
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Shamus MacNoob said:
There is no way that Dell will handle a 6800GT with the stock power supply it is at most a 250watt
yes, my dell is stock. I'm a newbee at upgrading, can I upgrade my power supply myself so the vga card will work? Is it easy and not toooo expensive? (Thanks)

Shamus MacNoob

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I changed the power supply in a dell by replaceing it with a regulat ATX power supply the only problem is that Dell makes it hard for you to upgrade, you will need to cut open the back of the case near the power supply because they use a power supply with no switch on the back where the regular ones have a on/off switch, so for it to fit you need to clear away the back plate where the switch is located on the power supply. You can get a good power supply for about $75.00
mckinnon2 said:
yes, my dell is stock. I'm a newbee at upgrading, can I upgrade my power supply myself so the vga card will work? Is it easy and not toooo expensive? (Thanks)

A good power supply will cost $70-90. it is easy to change (4 screws hold it in the case and the cables that connect to the MB, drives and possibly video card.)

First make sure you need one (you probably do). On the side of the power supply is a label. On it it will say the ratings.
Wattage 300W, 350W, etc.
Voltages 3.3V, +5V, +12V, -12V, etc.
After each of the voltages is another number with an A after it. That is the current (or Amperage) rating of each voltage type.

For a 6800 card the +12V should be 18A at least. Preferably there should be two +12V ratings a +12V1 and a +12V2. This indicates the latest power supply standard.

Post the wattage and voltage ratings after you find them. You may have to take the screws out and slide out the power supply to read the label. Unplug the computer first!

If it is 350W or less and the +12V is less than 18A then you probably need a bigger power supply. You want one that is "ATX 2.0" compliant.

Let us know if you want to shop locally (and what stores there are near you, best buy, circuit citty, compusa, etc.) or if mail order is ok.


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You could spend less than $70 for a good PSU. Even a Thermaltake 480w Silent Purepower II sells for usually around $40. That can handle a 256MB 6800GT. I know, because I did it. I would suggest something better, but if you need a good budget PSU, then the one I mentioned is good.

Like mentioned before, you will need to do some cutting. Also, sometimes it will be a tight squeeze for the PSU depending on the provided space.

Then, I would strongly proceed in uninstalling your current cards video card drivers, using a driver cleaner or just uninstalling them.

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