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nVidia FX 5200 problem

I just bought a new nVidia FX 5200 256 DDR and connected to my IBM's Thinkvision 17" LCD , but the after installing my desktop turned yellowish.I went through nvidia's control applet and even the monitor's osd trying to change it to normal colour but seems I can't.
Any reasons for this ?? when I switched back to my old card ( Matrox ) the desktop is back to its normal colour.
is this problem related to the video card ?
still could not make it to work like other vid card...even used the Adobe Gamma to calibrate...could it be with the motherboard BIOS ?
Advise needed....Thanks
there is no driver installed prior to the nvidia's...but could there be any more drivers installed - maybe through the installation of XP ??
Okay...brought the card back home took off my old card and re inserted the mentioned problem card ...pc boot normal and it worked perfect on my other pc.....now waiting for Monday so that I could test the switched card on the other pc...by the way..the motherboard is Biostar VIA K8M800 socket 754 with Sempron 2.8.
Is the motherboard the culprit ???...I haven't really gone into BIOS yet...but switching to an old Matrox seems to be no problem even if no driver update.So now decided to leave the problem ( now perfect ) card with this pc and will test the other card ( nVidia GeForce 7500 LE ) with the other pc.In the meantime...any suggestions ??
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Biostar has two boards with that chipset and both have onboard graphics. You may have an option in bios setup that either disables the onboard graphics or has a choice of what is your primary display (PCI or AGP). If it has a choice you want to set it to AGP when installing your card.
Yellowish sounds like the color temperature with the FX 5200 is being set to "warmer, yellowish" ~6500K vs "cooler (bluish)" 9300K. This is a feature usually found in the monitor setup. Daylight is yellow, shade is blue in real life.

Look for color temperature under advanced settings in the monitor setup (buttons on front of monitor). I have used another monitor with a "brightness" mode that in high or ultra looks more blue than yellow so see if the nvidia is defaulting to higher drive signal level. I think they are 0.6V or 1.3V, but not sure.

Then look in the nvidia setup menus (probably color management) to see if there is a color temperature setting.


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Make sure that you haven't got any bent pins on the VGA cable you are using - if one of the pins are bent, there is a fair chance its not supplying the correct colour information.
tried the color temperature...doesn't work either still got that yellowish thing and played around with nvidia 's setting doesn't make change too...even went around and tried Adobe Gamma ( in case calibrations was wrong ) still no result..and as " the.quixotic " mentioned about bent pins or connections whatsoever...it is working very well with this pc now.....my only solution is like my above post - now the problem card is working well with this pc so I am going to leave it here, and the card which I had took off from this pc last night, I will have to wait till tomorrow morning so that I can take it to my office and re try again.....I will post the result by then....in other word I am switching the cards...
Don't suppose you could take a digital camera shot of the screen and a screen print of the same view and post it so we can see exactly what it's doing?

That way we can compare the two and if they look the same to us then it's in the card for sure and it's RMA time.

I have the 5200 in my wife's machine but they're very old drives and the wife said if I mess up her machine again she's doing a Bobbet on me.

Speaking of drivers have you tried an older version? Buddy of mine just went 7600 GT SLI and he found out the latest drivers had issues. Try something from an earlier series.
Okay !! I got fixed..don't ask me how...as I had mentioned I am going to switch the card...so today brought the other card (-FX 5700 -)to my office , inserted it in and voila !! worked as usual...and as for the problem card -( FX 5200- ) I am going to leave it in the other pc at home.( installed the latest driver seems okay...
Thank you to all for the supports you gave.Ta.....

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