Nvidia Forceware 71.89

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Funkyb, May 6, 2005.

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    Just downloaded the 71.89 driver from nvidia. My card is a Gforce FX5600 128mb running on winxp sp2.
    Problem is that when I tried to install it, everything seemingly went to plan. Rebooted and got the BSOD saying something about a page fault. Sorry to be a little vague, been been unable to repeat it.
    Re-booted the computer to the 'last setting that worked' then completly removed the drivers.
    Ran the installation program left behind in the newly created nvidia directory and was told after 30seconds of the program running that I didnt have any devices suitable for the driver.
    Ran winzip to unpack the driver program. Ran 'Add new hardware' and directed it to the newly unzipped directory and was told there were no drivers suited for my card.
    The previous driver I have is 66.93 and that runs great.
    Has nvidia stopped updating my drivers for my card and if so does anyone know where I can get the 66.93 stereo drivers to run my 3d specs (I have v61.77 which wont work with 66.93)