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Nvidia Drivers



I wonder how long time it takes for, the nVidia driver in this case, to go from WHQL -Candidate to Certified?...

The 41.09 is a candidate...What is the major differences to the 40.72 driver?

I think we will see a new driver soon, that is more Dx9 compatible.
I tried the leaked 42.01, but saw no differences....



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I'm running 42.01 right now, and I got over a 1000 point improvement versus the drivers as of 8/30/2002 (I really wish I knew what the version was on that). I never used 41.09, so I can't comment on it.

It seems that each type of card and brands G2-G3-G4 and all the mx versions react differently with each driver so try them out what is someones super driver maybe terrible for you.

Just think of all the different configurations of pc out there,the slightest difference in setup can give very contrasting results.

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Depending on what type of card you have. If it is an older card like TNT,GF2 I would use somthing from 29.xx or 30.xx drivers but for the GF3/GF4 cards 40.72 is the best WHQL set I have used but 42.01 (DX9) works well for me also
Just tried the 42.01 (was using 41.09) and for my system ..garbage ..benchmarked the same as 41.09 but medal of honor spearhead started showing up grapihcal errors and also tribes 2 so i have gone back, Tv tool arsed up as well.

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