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Nvidia Component video resize bug


sgàthan ìnnleachd
I dual output to an HDTV via component cables with my 8800 GTS 640, and every driver revision I have used up through 180.48 allowed me to resize the HDTV desktop through the nVidia Control Panel to fill the screen completely. But beginning with 181.20 on through the current 182.08, the resize screen has changed to offer both horizontal and vertical sliders as opposed to the single horizontal slider in 180.48 and below. It is now impossible to fill the HDTV screen in these revisions because maximizing the sliders still leaves about an inch and a half of clearance on all sides.

I tried manually updating to the 182.08 drivers through the Windows Device Manager after installing the GeForce 180.48 package but it still overrides the old 180.48 control panel so I've had to completely downgrade to 180.48 to restore proper HDTV functionality. Has anyone else experienced this issue? And is there some fix for the latest revisions? Some way to override the built-in maximum for the resize sliders or just port the 180.48 control panel into the new drivers without creating problems, perhaps?

[MOD EDIT: Please see post 10 (http://forum.osnn.net/showpost.php?p=857399&postcount=10) for an update on this from nvidia]
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New GeForce drivers and HDTV desktops

Friend of mine is using a three monitor setup with SLi and he has been saying that something in the 181+ series is making his desktop work funny, so I am pretty sure you are not alone of this one.

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Re: New GeForce drivers and HDTV desktops

I never had a problem using DVI/HDMI to my HDMI TV.

My ATI card scales for the TV correctly from the word go though.


sgàthan ìnnleachd
Re: New GeForce drivers and HDTV desktops

I opened a ticket with nVidia and was informed "The issue you are experiencing is not a general behavior of the graphics card or the graphics driver." They go on to tell me to uninstall my existing drivers, clean them out with Driver Sweeper, and install 182.08. I know it's BS but I did it anyway, and guess what? Same problem. This is definitely a driver issue.

zeke_mo, could you elaborate on exactly what kind of issues your friend is having? I'd really like to get to the bottom of this because it appears that nVidia is either unaware of this issue or unwilling to deal with it.
Re: New GeForce drivers and HDTV desktops

not necessarily. The 8800GTX I gave to my brother plain didn't allow me to resize the hdtv at all, which sucked considering how much I spent on it....


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Re: New GeForce drivers and HDTV desktops

Its all working fine on my 9600GT, although that is via hdmi. Also I had to change my settings on my tv to exact scan, otherwise I was getting overscan. Happy to report it is all working great now:)
Will see if that remains the same when I refit my RMA'ed xonar card.......
Re: New GeForce drivers and HDTV desktops

The BIOS provided on the G92 based cards enabled the ability to resize desktops from what I can make out.

I'm not sure if the 8800GTS 640 its G92 or G80.


sgàthan ìnnleachd
Re: New GeForce drivers and HDTV desktops

Driver bug confirmed. Update from nVidia:

Hello Glass,

I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. This issue has been fixed however the fix won't be incorporated until our next Release 185 branch is available. This will likely be sometime in April. Our current drivers are based on the Release 180 branch, including the 182.08 driver. Please check back in the future for the new driver. For now, if you need the feature, please revert back to the previous driver which was working correctly.

Best Regards,
NVIDIA Customer Care

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