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Nvidia class action lawsuit pending


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I ran across this ..seemed odd that the 8800 series cards tout ... VISTA READY when they are buggy as crap still and crash systems left and right. This is the real deal and myself ...although owning an 8800gtx card ... like many of us that like cutting or even bleeding edge stuff ... should not be subjected to way expensive stuff that operates as poorly as these series of cards do. They cost way to much to be operating so ****ty.

anyway ..take a look at the site ... either you like it or not ... but you would certainly have to agree ..the 8800 series cards are plagued with more problems than the first generation silicone implants which sprung leaks.

no pun intended ..just trying to drive home the fact ... very frustrating to say the least.
Right on. I hope they succeed.

Same deal from ATI on the X800XL AIW I have. It was on sale for 6 months with defective drivers, not Auddigy compatible, claimed to be crossfire compatible, yadayadayada. Pack of lies. They never built crossfire masters, drivers still have issues, and the card was so problematic they discontinued it within 6 months.

Their resolution was to offer me $50 trade up on a new $400 card to repalce a $300 card.

Go guys go!

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